Robin of Sherwood Logo

Season 1 Logo.

Title UK TX Info
Robin Hood and the Sorcerer 28th April 1984 Double-length episode
The Witch of Elsdon 5th May 1984 -
Seven Poor Knights From Acre 12th May 1984 -
Alan a Dale 19th May 1984 -
The King's Fool 26th May 1984 -

Season 2 Logo.

Title Story Code Info
The Prophecy 9th March 1985 -
The Children of Israel 16th March 1985 -
Lord of the Trees 23rd March 1985 -
The Enchantment 30th March 1985 -
The Swords of Wayland 6th April 1985 Double-length episode
The Greatest Enemy 13th April 1985 -

Season 3 Logo.

Title Story Code Info
Herne's Son - Part 1 5th April 1986 -
Herne's Son - Part 2 12th April 1986 -
The Power of Albion 19th April 1986 -
The Inheritance 26th April 1986 -
The Sheriff of Nottingham 3rd May 1986 -
The Cross of St. Ciricus 10th May 1986 -
Cromm Cruac 17th May 1986 -
The Betrayal 24th May 1986 -
Adam Bell 31st May 1986 -
The Pretender 7th June 1986 -
Rutterkin 14th June 1986 -
The Time of the Wolf - Part 1 21st June 1986 -
The Time of the Wolf - Part 2 28th June 1986 -

Season 4 Logo.

Title Story Code Info
The Knights of the Apocalypse - Parts 1-2 July 2016 Audio production

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