Voyager Logo

Season 1 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Caretaker 48315.6 16th January 1995 US TX
(Double-length episode)
Parallax 48439.7 23rd January 1995 US TX
Time and Again Unknown 30th January 1995 US TX
Phage 48532.4 6th February 1995 US TX
The Cloud 48546.2 13th February 1995 US TX
Eye of the Needle 48579.4 20th February 1995 US TX
Ex Posto Facto Unknown 27th February 1993 US TX
Emanations 48623.5 13th March 1995 US TX
Prime Factors 48642.5 20th March 1995 US TX
State of Flux 48658.2 10th April 1995 US TX
Heroes and Demons 48693.2 24th April 1995 US TX
Cathexis 48734.2 1st May 1995 US TX
Faces 48784.2 8th May 1995 US TX
Jetrel 48832.1 15th May 1995 US TX
Learning Curve 48846.5 22nd May 1995 US TX

Season 2 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
The 37s 48975.1 28th August 1995 US TX
Initiations 49005.3 4th September 1995 US TX
Projections 48892.1 11th September 1995 US TX
Elogium 48921.3 18th September 1995 US TX
Non Sequitur 49011 25th September 1995 US TX
Twisted Unknown 2nd October 1995 US TX
Parturition 49068.5 9th October 1995 US TX
Persistence of Vision Unknown 30th October 1995 US TX
Tattoo Unknown 6th November 1995 US TX
Cold Fire 49164.8 13th November 1995 US TX
Maneuvers 48423.0 20th November 1995 US TX
Resistance Unknown 27th November 1995 US TX
Prototype Unknown 15th January 1996 US TX
Alliances 49337.4 22nd January 1996 US TX
Threshold 49373.4 29th January 1996 US TX
Meld Unknown 5th February 1996 US TX
Dreadnought 49447 12th February 1996 US TX
Death Wish 49301.2 19th February 1996 US TX
Lifesigns 49504.3 26th February 1996 US TX
Investigations 49485.2 13th March 1996 US TX
Deadlock 49548.7 18th March 1996 US TX
Innocence 49578.2 8th April 1996 US TX
The Thaw Unknown 29th April 1996 US TX
Tuvix 49655.2 6th May 1996 US TX
Resolutions 49690.1 13th May 1996 US TX
Basics - Part I Unknown 20th May 1996 US TX

Season 3 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Basics - Part II 50023.4 4th September 1996 US TX
Flashback 50126.4 11th September 1996 US TX
The Chute 50156.2 18th September 1996 US TX
The Swarm 50252.3 25th September 1996 US TX
False Profits 50074.3 2nd October 1996 US TX
Remember 50203.1 9th October 1996 US TX
Sacred Ground 50063.2 30th October 1996 US TX
Future's End - Part I Unknown 6th November 1994 US TX
Future's End - Part II Unknown 13th November 1994 US TX
Warlord 50348.1 20th November 1996 US TX
The Q and the Grey 50384.2 27th November 1996 US TX
Macrocosm 50425.1 11th December 1996 US TX
Fair Trade Unknown 8th January 1997 US TX
Alter Ego 50460.3 15th January 1997 US TX
Coda 50518.6 29th January 1997 US TX
Blood Fever 50537.2 5th February 1997 US TX
Unity 50614.2 12th February 1997 US TX
Darkling 50693.2 19th February 1997 US TX
Rise Unknown 26th February 1997 US TX
Favorite Son 50732.4 19th March 1997 US TX
Before and After 50973 9th April 1997 US TX
Real Life 50863.2 23rd April 1997 US TX
Distant Origin Unknown 30th April 1997 US TX
Worst Case Scenario 50953.4 7th May 1997 US TX
Displaced 50953.4 14th May 1997 US TX
Scorpion - Part I 50984.3 21st May 1997 US TX

Season 4 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Scorpion - Part II 51003.7 3rd September 1997 US TX
The Gift 51008 10th September 1997 US TX
Day of Honor Unknown 17th September 1997 US TX
Nemesis 51082.4 24th September 1997 US TX
Revulsion 51186.2 1st October 1997 US TX
The Raven Unknown 8th October 1997 US TX
Scientific Method 51244.3 29th October 1997 US TX
Year of Hell - Part I 51268.4 5th November 1997 US TX
Year of Hell - Part II 51425.4 12th November 1997 US TX
Random Thoughts 51367.2 19th November 1997 US TX
Concerning Flight 51386.4 26th November 1997 US TX
Mortal Coil 51449.2 17th December 1997 US TX
Waking Moments 51471.3 14th January 1998 US TX
Message in a Bottle 51462 21st January 1998 US TX
Hunters 51501.4 11th February 1998 US TX
Prey 51652.3 18th February 1998 US TX
Retrospect 51658.2 25th February 1998 US TX
The Killing Game Unknown / 51715.2 4th March 1998 US TX
(Double-length episode)
Vis a Vis 51762.4 8th April 1998 US TX
The Omega Directive 51781.2 15th April 1998 US TX
Unforgettable 51813.4 22nd April 1998 US TX
Living Witness Unknown 29th April 1998 US TX
Demon Unknown 6th May 1998 US TX
One 51929.3 13th May 1998 US TX
Hope and Fear 51978.2 20th May 1998 US TX

Season 5 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Night 52081.2 14th October 1998 US TX
Drone Unknown 21st October 1998 US TX
Extreme Risk Unknown 28th October 1998 US TX
In the Flesh 52136.4 4th November 1998 US TX
Once Upon a Time Unknown 11th November 1998 US TX
Timeless 52143.6 18th November 1998 US TX
Infinite Regress 52188.7 25th November 1998 US TX
Nothing Human 52188.7 2nd December 1998 US TX
Thirty Days 52179.4 9th December 1998 US TX
Counterpoint Unknown 16th December 1998 US TX
Latent Image Unknown 20th January 1999 US TX
Bride of Chaotica! Unknown 27th January 1999 US TX
Gravity 52438.9 3rd February 1999 US TX
Bliss 52542.3 10th February 1999 US TX
Dark Frontier 52619.2 17th February 1999 US TX
(Double-length episode)
The Disease Unknown 24th February 1999 US TX
Course: Oblivion 52586.3 3rd March 1999 US TX
The Fight Unknown 10th March 1999 US TX
Thinktank Unknown 17th March 1999 US TX
Juggernaut Unknown 26th April 1999 US TX
Someone to Watch Over Me 52647 28th April 1999 US TX
11:59 Unknown 5th May 1999 US TX
Relativity 52861.274 12th May 1999 US TX
Warhead Unknown 19th May 1999 US TX
Equinox - Part I Unknown 26th May 1999 US TX

Season 6 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Equinox - Part II Unknown 22nd September 1999 US TX
Survival Instict 53049.2 29th September 1999 US TX
Barge of the Dead Unknown 6th October 1999 US TX
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy Unknown 13th October 1999 US TX
Alice Unknown 20th October 1999 US TX
Riddles 53263.2 3rd November 1999 US TX
Dragon's Teeth 53167.9 10th November 1999 US TX
One Small Step 53292.7 17th November 1999 US TX
The Voyager Conspiracy Unknown 24th November 1999 US TX
Pathfinder Unknown 1st December 1999 US TX
Fair Haven Unknown 12th January 2000 US TX
Blink of an Eye Unknown 19th January 2000 US TX
Virtuoso 53556.4 26th January 2000 US TX
Memorial Unknown 2nd February 2000 US TX
Tsunkatse 53447.2 9th February 2000 US TX
Collective Unknown 16th February 2000 US TX
Spirit Folk Unknown 23rd February 2000 US TX
Ashes to Ashes 53679.4 1st March 2000 US TX
Child's Play Unknown 8th March 2000 US TX
Good Shepherd 53753.2 15th March 2000 US TX
Live Fast and Prosper 53849.2 19th April 2000 US TX
Muse 53896 26th April 2000 US TX
Fury Unknown 3rd May 2000 US TX
Life Line Unknown 10th May 2000 US TX
The Haunting of Deck Twelve Unknown 17th May 2000 US TX
Unimatrix Zero - Part I Unknown 24th May 2000 US TX

Season 7 Logo.

Title Stardate Original TX Date Info
Unimatrix Zero - Part II 54014.4 4th October 2000 US TX
Imperfection 54129.4 11th October 2000 US TX
Drive 54058.6 18th October 2000 US TX
Repression 54090.4 25th October 2000 US TX
Critical Care Unknown 1st November 2000 US TX
Inside Man 54208.3 8th November 2000 US TX
Body and Soul 54238.3 15th November 2000 US TX
Nightingale 54274.7 22nd November 2000 US TX
Flesh and Blood Unknown / 54337.5 29th November 2000 US TX
(Double-length episode)
Shattered Unknown 17th January 2001 US TX
Lineage 54452.6 24th January 2001 US TX
Repentance Unknown 31st January 2001 US TX
Prophecy 54518.2 7th February 2001 US TX
The Void 54553.4 14th February 2001 US TX
Workforce - Part I 54584.3 21st February 2001 US TX
Workforce - Part II 54622.4 28th February 2001 US TX
Human Error Unknown 7th March 2001 US TX
Q2 54704.5 11th April 2001 US TX
Author, Author 54732.3 18th April 2001 US TX
Friendship One 54775.4 25th April 2001 US TX
Natural Law 54827.7 2nd May 2001 US TX
Homestead 54868.6 9th May 2001 US TX
Rennaissance Man 54890.7 16th May 2001 US TX
Endgame Unknown / 54973.4 23rd May 2001 US TX
(Double-length episode)

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