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In the late Twentieth Century, Earth has become the target for a race of merciless alien beings who travel the vast distance from their world to ours so that they can kidnap unsuspecting humans and harvest their vital organs and body parts; their race is dying, and they need to implant these organs into their own bodies in order to prolong their existence…

Dedicated to preventing the aliens from achieving their aims is S.H.A.D.O. - Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation – a top-secret establishment whose headquarters lies underneath the Harlington – Straker film studios in England. S.H.A.D.O. is equipped with the latest advances in technology, including a fleet of submarines known as Skydivers, each capable of launching a highly-manoeuvrable aircraft; the heavily-armoured all-terrain vehicles called S.H.A.D.O.Mobiles; and a squadron of Interceptors that operate from a base on the Moon.

In charge of S.H.A.D.O. is Commander Ed Straker, a ruthless, single-minded man who has dedicated his life to stopping the alien threat; he is assisted by his right-hand man Colonel Alec Freeman, a tough, able officer with an eye for the ladies; loyal and brave Colonel Paul Foster, who recklessness sometimes gets him into a tight corner; the attractive and capable Colonel 'Veronica Lake; and Moonbase’s beautiful operatives, the calculating Lieutenant Gay Ellis and the spirited Lieutenant Nina Barry.

‘UFO’ was the first live-action television series produced by Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 Television company, and was a significant departure from the previous puppet-based productions that had been aimed squarely at children. ‘UFO’ still incorporated the traditional action-packed storylines and superb model-work that is Anderson’s trademark, but the series also featured many adult themes such as sex, violence, and mind-altering drugs. As a result, the regional television companies were unsure of when to schedule the programme, and so the series suffered from irregular timeslots, with some episodes given late-night transmissions while others were not even shown until a few years later.

The first series of ‘UFO’ ran for 26 episodes; a second season was planned, which was to have been more focused on the Moonbase aspect of S.H.A.D.O.; however, as pre-production moved on this idea developed into something more, and led to the creation of another live-action show named ‘Space:1999’…

UFO - Season 1

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