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Christmas 2016
Xmas 2016: Tom with his presents.
This year it's Star Wars, Assassin's Creed and Skyrim!

13th Birthday
Tom's 13th Birthday: now a teenager, with all the cool stuff he wanted!

Southwark Poohsticks
Seeing the sights along the Thames bank at Southwark

A return to 100 Acre Wood to play more Poohsticks with Emma

Hever Castle - Tank Hever Castle - SirTom
A visit to Hever Castle, where Tom and Emma find a tank...

...and then Tom is knighted by a Queen. Sir Tom!

Christmas 2015 British Museum
Christmas 2015: Tom with a new PS4 - I doubt we'll ever see him again!

Tom and Emma at the British Museum, with a wise friend

12th Birthday
Tom's 12th Birthday: a new bed, telly, toys, games and loads more!!

Pooh Bridge Pevensey Bay
Tom and Emma playing 'Poohsticks' from the bridge in 100 Acre Wood!

Tom and Emma building sandcastles at Pevensey Bay

School Uniforms Tractor
Tom and Emma are dressed to impress for their first day at their new schools!

Playing in a tractor at the local farm - get orf moi laand!

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014: this year's themes are Minecraft and LEGO!

Tom's Eleventh Birthday! Award for Excellence
Tom has some big presents for his Eleventh birthday!

Scoring as top in his class, Tom was given the School Award for Excellence!

Garden Bubbles In the Park
Blowing bubbles in the garden with Emma

Chilling out at the park with Emma

Christmas 2013
Christmas 2013: Tom's been spoilt again!

Tom at the Doctor Who Experience Tom at the Doctor Who Experience
Tom at the 'Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Experience':
evading a Dalek, but then caught by a Cyberman!

Tom at the Doctor Who Experience Tom at the Doctor Who Experience
Flying a TARDIS, and about to drive Bessie!

Tom's Tenth Birthday! Tom and Emma's paddling pool
Tom has shedloads of presents for his Tenth birthday!

Tom and Emma mucking about in their new paddling pool

Tom and Emma Climbing Tom at Ed's
Tom playing with Emma on the park climbing frame

Tom at his favourite Ed's Diner, biting off more than he can chew...?

Christmas 2012
Christmas 2012: Tom and just a few presents...!

Tom's Ninth Birthday! Tom & Princess Emma
Tons of pressies for Tom's Ninth birthday!

Tom and Princess Emma of
Castle Banks

Xmas 2011 Shopping Centre Dalek
Xmas 2012, and Tom's happy with all his presents!

It's amazing who you find in a shopping centre, doing their bit for charity!

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