Thunderbirds Are Go Logo 'City Under the Sea'

by Jim Krieg
and Jeremy Adams
Thunderbirds Are Go Cast

The Sullivan family take a rental sub to visit Bay City, an underwater ghost town that sank under the sea years ago. But when they go off-map to explore the more dangerous parts of the city, a tall building crumbles and covers the sub under a pile of debris. Ethan Sullivan contacts the rental company for help, but they refuse to send a rescue team because he chose their economy service. When Ethan contacts International Rescue, his daughter Lettie talks of a monster outside, a huge crab-like undersea vehicle. After recognising the menacing sub as belonging to the Mechanic, the Tracys and Kayo realise that the villain is searching the old Creighton-Ward building. Virgil, Gordon and Kayo take Thunderbird 2 and Pod 4 to Bay City, while John contacts Lady Penelope, who is grateful for the interruption to her boring embassy luncheon. Recalling that her Grandpa designed Parkmoor Prison, Penelope deduces that the Mechanic is after the blueprints in the abandoned building, which will enable him to rescue the Hood from his incarceration. As FAB 1 flies off to Bay City, Thunderbird 2 lands on the ocean surface and deploys Thunderbird 4; inside Kayo accompanies Gordon on the rescue mission, and also finds out how much of a slob he is. Sneaking past the Mechanic’s submersible, they reach the Sullivan’s rental sub; but the I-beam pinning the vessel to the sea bed is too heavy, so Gordon goes EVA to cut it with a laser. The Mechanic spots Thunderbird 4, so Kayo leads him a merry chase to buy Gordon time. Kayo manages to destroy two of the Mechanic’s Manta-Ray Mechas, but then the Mechanic attacks the building Thunderbird 4 is hiding in, bringing down the structure. Fearing that Kayo has been buried alive, Gordon is relieved to learn that she has latched Thunderbird 4 on the underside of the Mechanics craft, giving her an undetected free ride. Meanwhile, FAB 1 goes submersible to search the flooded Creighton-Ward building; as Parker puts the vehicle into stealth-mode to slip past the Mechanic’s crab-ship, Penelope realises that the villain is searching in the wrong place: her Grandpa would have kept the prison blueprints in his penthouse safe. Gordon continues his work on the I-beam, only to learn that cracks have started to appear in the window of the Sullivan’s sub – they don’t have much time before it breaches. Parker pilots FAB 1 into the penthouse, using the car’s robot arm to remove Grandpa’s painting to reveal the safe. But when the painting sinks to the floor it causes the building to start collapsing again, alerting the Mechanic. Parker manages to grab the safe, but the Mechanic is in hot pursuit…

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (John Tracy), David Menki (Virgil Tracy / Gordon Tracy), Angel Coulby (Tanusha 'Kayo' Kyrano), Rosamund Pike (Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward), David Graham (Aloysius Parker), Sanjeev Bhaskar (Ethan Sullivan), Emma Tate (Emily Sullivan), Tia-Lana Chinapyel (Ava Sullivan / Lettie Sullivan), Chris Jarman (The Mechanic)

Directed by Simon Godsiff
Produced by Sharon Lark
Created by Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ITV 1):
5th November 2016 @ 4.00 pm

*Featuring John Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Tanusha 'Kayo' Kyrano, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Aloysius Parker