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A laboratory accident unleashes a deadly virus upon humanity, and most of the world’s population is rapidly wiped out. As civilisation breaks down, the few remaining survivors struggle to stay alive, facing starvation, the threat of disease and the collapse of law and order, as well as attacks from looters and the packs of wild dogs that now roam the countryside. This simple premise made for a classic and gripping series that more than lived up to its title, as the viewer could never be sure who would survive to the end of each episode…

‘Survivors’ was created by Terry Nation, the man behind ‘Doctor Who’s Daleks who would later go on to make ‘Blake’s 7’, and was produced by Terrance Dudley, who had previously worked on the ecological drama ‘Doomwatch’. It ran for three seasons and proved very popular; the first season concentrated on housewife Abby Grant, as she searched for her missing son Peter, and also introduced Jenny Richards and Greg Preston, who would eventually become a couple. As the various characters meet and band together, a community is formed, and the end of the season sees the promise of a new world following the news of Jenny’s pregnancy.

However, the series changed format in season two: Abby leaves to look for Peter, while a fire at the grange sees the death of several characters; the survivors are forced to join the Whitecross community led by Charles Vaughan. The community is visited by several new arrivals, and eventually they receive news of a plan to join the disparate settlements, leading to Greg’s decision to leave to work on rebuilding society. Season three begins with the search for Greg, with Charles and Jenny seemingly always one step behind him as he makes his way across the country gathering information. The final episodes see the reintroduction of electrical power, ending the series on a positive note.

Although a fourth season of ‘Survivors’ was planned, it was never made; and so, despite several attempts by actor / writer Ian McCulloch to raise interest, the survivors’ story came to an end.

Over thirty years later, in 2008, the BBC began transmission of a new series of 'Survivors' – however, this was not a continuation of the original television series, but rather an updated remake based on Terry Nation's novelisation; unfortunately it wasn’t very good either, and after just twelve dull episodes shown over two lacklustre seasons, the show was mercifully cancelled.

In 2014, Big Finish Productions reunited some of the original cast of ‘Survivors’ for a new series of audio adventures. These episodes also introduced new cast members, in new stories that ran alongside the events of the television show's season 1. These releases proved such a success that more seasons followed, set between season one and two, and the quality of the stories has gone from strength to strength...

Survivors - Season 1
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Survivors - Big Finish Audio - Season 1
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