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"Stand by for action! We are about to launch Stingray ! Marineville - I am calling 'Battle Stations'! Anything can happen in the next half-hour!" - Commander Shore

‘Stingray’ follows the adventures of the brave and dashing Captain Troy Tempest (whose finely-chiselled features were based on Hollywood actor James Garner) and his second-in-command, Lieutenant George Lee ‘Phones’ Sheridan, who together make up the crew of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol vessel, Stingray. In the year 2064, this amazing undersea craft operates from WASP headquarters in Marineville, and is part of a fleet that patrols the world's oceans, keeping humanity safe from the threat of hostile underwater races. The WASPs are run by Commander Shore, a tough, no-nonsense man who overseas operations from his hi-tech wheelchair inside Marineville’s control tower. Should Marineville come under attack, Commander Shore immediately declares 'Battle Stations' and the entire complex sinks beneath the ground on massive hydraulic platforms, and huge concrete blast doors then slide into place.

Shore’s daughter, Lieutenant Atlanta, is in love with the handsome Troy, but she has to share his attentions with Marina, a beautiful-but-mute member of an undersea race who once helped the good-looking captain to escape from the merciless Titan, ruler of the underwater city of Titanica. Titan has sworn to invade the surface world, and is aided by his terrifying Aquaphibian troops and their powerful fleet of Terror Fish submarines.

A popular misconception is that ‘Stingray’ was the first British television series to be made in colour - it wasn’t, but it was the first colour Supermarionation show. Each of the thirty-nine televised episodes (and one untransmitted) is filled with the usual action, adventure and humour one expects from the puppet shows of Gerry Anderson, but ‘Stingray’ is also notable for the inclusion of a love triangle (something quite unusual for a children’s series) as Troy is completely unable to decide which girl to go for: a good-looking piece of intelligent tottie (voiced with the silky tones of 'Miss Moneypenny', Lois Maxwell), or a bit of crumpet who can’t answer back, and who smells ever-so-slightly of fish…

Stingray - Season 1

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