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It is the year 2027, and the International Space Police Force has been set up to oversee law and order in the new frontier, as mankind continues to increase its presence into space. Operating from a base on the surface of the Moon, the I.S.P.F. - unkindly nicknamed the 'Star Cops' by the general public - is made up of undisciplined officers more concerned with their own welfare and making money than with upholding the law.

Into this disorderly operation comes Nathan Spring, a grumpy, no-nonsense detective with brilliant investigative instincts; unwillingly pushed by his superiors into taking the job as Head of I.S.P.F., Spring begins to reshape this rag-tag team of police officers into an effective force for law enforcement. Assisted by Box, his sophisticated hand-held computer, Spring and his American second-in-command, David Theroux, quickly recruit other members to the organisation: the larger-than-life womanising police-inspector Colin Devis; brash and opinionated Australian Pal Kenzy; and quiet but capable Doctor Anna Shoun.

‘Star Cops’ is one of the BBC’s forgotten greats. Choosing not to rely heavily on its special effects, which are actually very realistic and well shot, the show features some skilfully written and intriguing storylines, and believable, well-rounded characterisation; in fact, the latter is the show’s main strength, as the interplay between the main characters is particularly entertaining, and the good-humoured rivalry amongst them is certainly the highlight of many of the episodes. It also has some of the best story titles ever to grace the episodes of a television show!

Unfortunately, only nine episodes of this excellent series were ever made; the original episode nine, ‘Death on the Moon’ by Philip Martin (which was to have concerned the swindling of a Swiss organisation by one of its executives, and focused on the issue of national stereotyping), was cancelled due to an electricians' strike at the BBC, and so the tenth episode was brought forward, resulting in a premature end to the series, and a second season was never commissioned.

If you have never seen ‘Star Cops’, then I strongly advise buying the recently-released DVD set. Ignore the rather cringe-inducing theme tune (‘It Won’t Be Easy’ by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues), and just settle back to enjoy some of the most entertaining and underrated science-fiction ever to grace our screens…

Star Cops - Season 1

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