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“Listen. There is a force against me. A force generated by my arrival. It is growing, increasing in strength. I must be gone before it is become manifest. Now, where is it? Where is The Juganet?”

Perhaps one of the most fondly-remembered children’s serials of the 1970s - and certainly one of the strangest - ‘Sky’ tells the story of a young extraterrestrial traveller thrown off course, who arrives on Earth during the late Twentieth Century. When Sky’s presence threatens to upset the delicate balance of the planet, the forces of nature manifest themselves as a sinister, black-clad man named Goodchild, whose sole purpose is to destroy the alien intruder. Sky is found by three teenagers, Arby and Jane Vennor, and their friend Roy, and together they must find a mysterious place known as ‘The Juganet’ - Sky’s only hope of escaping the Earth alive…

Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin (the team responsible for the creation of ‘Doctor Who’s infamous robotic dog, K-9), ‘Sky’ was produced for HTV West by Leonard White (producer on the first two series of ‘The Avengers’), and executively produced by the prolific Patrick Dromgoole (the man responsible for such classic shows as ‘Robin of Sherwood’, ‘Children of the Stones’ and ‘Into the Labyrinth’). The show’s strengths lie in the casting of Marc Harrison as the eponymous alien - who plays the part with a particularly convincing, other-worldly quality; its clever dialogue; and its innovative visual effects – Sky literally glows with energy thanks to some very clever lighting, while Colour Separation Overlay works wonders in making his eyes and hands eerily change colour as he evokes his powers.

However, while the early episodes are superb, giving viewers memorable sequences such as Sky held fast to the cave’s ceiling by a tree’s root system, and Goodchild’s first manifestation in the woods at night, the story suffers by flagging in the middle; Roy and his father are particularly pointless characters, and could easily have been removed from the plot. Indeed, the serial would have been better as a six-parter, enabling the story to have been much tighter and faster-paced. That being said, the final episode is terrific, as Arby follows Sky into the future, to a time after The Chaos, where he finds himself captured by a tribe of telepathic humans who attempt to burn him alive inside a representation of a NASA space capsule.

‘Sky’ holds a special place in the memories of everyone who was lucky enough to watch it, spellbound, way back in 1975; and now, after a very long wait, it is finally available on DVD, enabling a whole new generation to enjoy watching it...

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