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Over the centuries there have been countless versions of the legend of the outlaw known as Robin Hood, who, together with his band of merry men, would “rob from the rich and give to the poor”. Of them all, ‘Robin of Sherwood’ is undoubtedly the most innovative and entertaining, featuring a strong cast, exciting storylines and dramatic adventure.

Produced by Goldcrest Films and Television in association with HTV, ‘Robin of Sherwood’ was created by Richard 'Kip' Carpenter, well-known for his work on ‘Catweazle’, ‘The Ghosts of Motley Hall’ and ‘Dick Turpin’. The series was more than a simple re-telling of the traditional legend, bringing a much more magical and mystical element to the traditional myth, particularly with the introduction of Herne the Hunter, the woodland shamanic figure who chooses Robin as his son. Cast in the title role was upcoming actor Michael Praed, who, with his good looks and sense of humour made a perfect choice for Robin, coming across as a confident yet vulnerable leader who believed in justice for the common man. He was joined by Judi Trott as the beautiful Marion; the superb Ray Winstone as seething-mad Scarlet; Clive Mantle as the gentle-giant Little John; Phil Rose as the jovial Tuck; Mark Ryan as the enigmatic warrior Nasir and Llewellyn Williams as Much. Antagonism for the heroes was supplied by Robert Addie as Gisburne and Nickolas Grace as the maniacal and over-the-top Sheriff of Nottingham.

With its excellent casting, entertaining stories and superbly-shot visuals, ‘Robin of Sherwood’ proved to be extremely popular with its viewing audience. But after two seasons, the producers were faced with a problem; Praed had decided to leave the series so that he could pursue a career on stage in America. Undaunted, Richard Carpenter came up with the perfect solution: the legends of Robin Hood conflict - some have the hero as Robin of Loxley, the son of a simple villager, while others maintain that he was Robert of Huntingdon, the son of a nobleman. Having Herne the Hunter choose a new son in the form of Robert is a masterstroke! Cast for the part was Jason Connery - son of the famous Sean; early episodes see Connery’s inexperience give a rather staged performance, but after a few stories he finds his feet, and proves a worthy successor to the role of the hero.

Unfortunately, plans for a fourth series never bore fruit, and the show ended on a cliffhanger, seemingly never to be resolved...
...until thirty years later when, in 2016, ‘Robin of Sherwood’ returned for a new story on audio; produced via crowdfunding by Spiteful puppet Productions, 'The Knights of the Apocalypse' reunited the cast for a two-part story from a script by Richard Carpenter. Let's hope there are more to come...

Nothing is forgotten...

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