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Season 1 Logo

Title TX Date Info
The End 15th February 1988 TX BBC2
Future Echoes 22nd February 1988 TX BBC2
Balance of Power 29th February 1988 TX BBC2
Waiting For God 7th March 1988 TX BBC2
Confidence and Paranoia 14th March 1988 TX BBC2
Me2 21st March 1988 TX BBC2

Season 2 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Kryten 6th September 1988 TX BBC2
Better Than Life 13th September 1988 TX BBC2
Thanks For the Memory 20th September 1988 TX BBC2
Stasis Leak 27th September 1988 TX BBC2
Queeg 4th October 1988 TX BBC2
Parallel Universe 11th October 1988 TX BBC2

Season 3 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Backwards 14th November 1989 TX BBC2
Marooned 21st November 1989 TX BBC2
Polymorph 28th November 1989 TX BBC2
Bodyswap 5th December 1989 TX BBC2
Timeslides 12th December 1989 TX BBC2
The Last Day 19th December 1989 TX BBC2

Season 4 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Camille 14th February 1991 TX BBC2
DNA 21st February 1991 TX BBC2
Justice 28th February 1991 TX BBC2
White Hole 7th March 1991 TX BBC2
Dimension Jump 14th March 1991 TX BBC2
Meltdown 21st March 1991 TX BBC2

Season 5 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Holoship 20th February 1992 TX BBC2
The Inquisitor 27th February 1992 TX BBC2
Terrorform 5th March 1992 TX BBC2
Quarantine 12th March 1992 TX BBC2
Demons and Angels 19th March 1992 TX BBC2
Back to Reality 26th March 1992 TX BBC2

Season 6 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Psirens 7th October 1993 TX BBC2
Legion 14th October 1993 TX BBC2
Gunmen of the Apocalypse 21st October 1993 TX BBC2
Emohawk - Polymorph II 28th October 1993 TX BBC2
Rimmerworld 4th November 1993 TX BBC2
Out of Time 11th November 1993 TX BBC2

Season 7 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Tikka to Ride 17th January 1997 TX BBC2
Stoke Me a Clipper... 24th January 1997 TX BBC2
Ouroboros 21st January 1997 TX BBC2
Duct Soup 7th February 1997 TX BBC2
Blue 14th February 1997 TX BBC2
Beyond a Joke 21st February 1997 TX BBC2
Epideme 28th February 1997 TX BBC2
Nanarchy 7th March 1997 TX BBC2

Season 8 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Back in the Red - Part 1 18th February 1999 TX BBC2
Back in the Red - Part 2 25th February 1999 TX BBC2
Back in the Red - Part 3 4th March 1999 TX BBC2
Cassandra 11th March 1999 TX BBC2
Krytie TV 18th March 1999 TX BBC2
Pete - Part 1 25th March 1999 TX BBC2
Pete - Part 2 1st April 1999 TX BBC2
Only the Good... 7th April 1999 TX BBC2

Season 9 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Smeg knows what these episodes are! Some time Season Unknown

Back to Earth Logo

Title TX Date Info
Back To Earth - Part 1 10th April 2009 TX Dave
Back To Earth - Part 2 11th April 2009 TX Dave
Back To Earth - Part 3 12th April 2009 TX Dave

Season 10 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Trojan 4th October 2012 TX Dave
Fathers and Suns 11th October 2012 TX Dave
Lemons 18th October 2012 TX Dave
Entangled 25th October 2012 TX Dave
Dear Dave 1st November 2012 TX Dave
The Beginning 2nd November 2012 TX Dave

Season 11 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Twentica 22nd September 2016 TX Dave
Samsara 29th September 2016 TX Dave
Give & Take 6th October 2016 TX Dave
Officer Rimmer 13th October 2016 TX Dave
Krysis 20th October 2016 TX Dave
Can of Worms 27th October 2016 TX Dave

Season 12 Logo

Title TX Date Info
Cured 12th October 2017 TX Dave
Siliconia 19th October 2017 TX Dave
Timewave 26th October 2017 TX Dave
Mechocracy 2nd November 2017 TX Dave
M-Corp 9th November 2017 TX Dave
Skipper 16th November 2017 TX Dave

Movie Logo

Title TX Date Info
The Movie Smeg-knows! TBA

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