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The Victorian house called ‘Cornerstones’ has always had a history of ghostly hauntings, ever since it was built in 1885 on the site of an old, burnt-down workhouse. Over the years, whoever has lived there has always ended up leaving in a hurry – that is, until the arrival of the Sinclair family. Wanting to escape the rat race and start a new life in the countryside, Peter Sinclair takes his wife Jane, children Tom and Gilly, and dog Wally to view the house, as a potential place to set up his new antiques business. When Peter and Jane learn of the stories of a ghost, they see a way to get the home of their dreams for a bargain; the sale is made and the Sinclairs move in, and it isn’t long before Tom and Gilly meet the ghost of a mischievous young boy, who died from the plague in the old workhouse. The children decide to keep their new friend a secret, and when Tom learns the boy has forgotten his name, he calls him ‘Nobody’…

Written by Derrick Sherwin (actor-producer-writer, best-known for ‘Doctor Who’, ‘United!’ and ‘Paul Temple’) and Martin Hall (‘Z-Cars’, ‘Softly Softly’, ‘Paul Temple’), ‘Nobody’s House’ ran for just seven episodes in 1976. Stuart Wilde and Mandy Woodward both turn in memorable performances as Tom and Gilly, providing a convincing brother-sister relationship, complete with sibling rivalry and arguments. Television stalwart William Gaunt (‘The Champions’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘No Place Like Home’, and many, many more) provides the voice of parental reason as Peter Sinclair, alongside co-star Wendy Gifford (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Love for Lydia’, ‘A Family Affair’) as his wife Jane. But it is Kevin Moreton (‘Coronation Street’, ‘Striker’) who steals the show as Nobody, providing cheeky ghostly antics, a glimpse into Victorian life, and an insight into the topics of death and loneliness; in school playgrounds at the time, children would tug on their pretend neck-scarves to make themselves appear and disappear just like Nobody would!

For decades, ‘Nobody’s House’ remained a little-known example of innovative children’s television, fondly-remembered by those few lucky enough to watch when it was transmitted (myself included – it was one of my favourites when I was a nipper!). Luckily the show has since been released by those nice people at Network, enabling a whole new audience to meet the Sinclair family and their friendly ghost, Nobody.

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