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Twenty-four year old Jaime Sommers struggles with her hectic lifestyle, working as a bartender whilst looking after her rebellious younger sister, Becca, and dating handsome and brilliant college professor Will Anthros. But all that abruptly changes when Jaime is severely injured in a collision with a truck… Will pulls Jamie from the wreckage and rushes her to Wolf Creek Biotech Research Facility, where he uses the experimental nanite and biosynthetic technology he has been secretly developing to replace Jaime’s legs, right arm, right eye and ear. Struggling to come to terms with her powerful new artificial limbs, Jamie soon accepts a job offer from Jonas Bledsoe, Will’s boss at the Berkut Group – a private, clandestine group dedicated to stopping world threats from rogue agencies. The Group provides Jaime with training and guidance in her new-found abilities, and in return she takes on assignments for them – missions beyond the abilities of a normal-powered person. However, Jaime soon learns that her bionics may not be a blessing after she encounters her predecessor, Sarah Corvus, the original bionic woman, whose implants have driven her homicidally insane…

‘Bionic Woman’ is an updated remake of the original 1970’s show of the same name – itself a spin-off from ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ – in which tennis coach Jaime Sommers, played by Lindsay Wagner, was critically injured in a sky-diving accident and repaired using cybernetic implants. Cast in the lead role this time is Michelle Ryan, who rose to fame playing Zoe Slater in ‘EastEnders’. As with many modern remakes of classic shows, this revised version of ‘The Bionic Woman’ is darker and grittier in its look and tone, and benefits from fast-paced direction and slick computer imagery. So far only one season of episodes has been commissioned, but with luck the show will prove to be as popular as the original, and will return for more…

Bionic Woman - Season 1

The Bionic Woman [original]

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