Doctor Who Logo 'The Diary of River Song:'
'My Dinner With Andrew'

(1 Part)

by John Dorney
Jacket Illustration

Welcome, Mesdames et Messieurs, to The Bumptious Gastropod.

The most exclusive, most discreet dining experience outside the universe. For the restaurant exists beyond spacetime itself, and the usual rules of causality do not apply. Anything could happen.

It is here that the Doctor has a date. With River Song. And with death.

Alex Kingston (Professor River Song), Peter Davison (The Doctor), Frances Barber (Madame Kovarian), Ian Conningham (Kevin / Rindle), Julia Hills (Sharon / Rindle), David Seddon (Mr Quisling / Tarn 2), Leighton Pugh (Lake 2 / Dave / Tarn), Sophia Carr-Gomm (Lily), Joanna Horton (Brooke), Issy Van Randwyck (Giulia), Rosanna Miles (Antoinette / Maid / Constanze), Teddy Kempner (Viktor / Mozart / Stefan / Apothecary), Jonathan Coote (Maitre D' / Chef / Assassin), Nina Toussaint-White (Brooke 2), Francesca Zoutewelle (H-One / H-Two / Mission Captain), Pippa Bennett-Warner (O / The Deterrent)

Directed by Ken Bentley


*Featuring Professor River Song, the Fifth Doctor and Brooke

*A Big Finish 'The Diary of River Song' adventure

*Time-placing: given the Doctor's reaction to Brooke's true identity and purpose - which references Tegan and Nyssa, but not Turlough - I am placing this and the other three stories in this box set during Season 19A