Moomins Logo 'Tanoshii Muumun Ikka'
('The Delightful Moomin Family')

Japanese Cartoon
(3rd Version)


Season 1: 'Tanoshii Muumun Ikka' ('The Delightful Moomin Family')

TX: 10.10.1991 - 26.03.1992 (Tv Tokyo):

Episode 1: ‘Spring in Moominvalley’

Episode 2: ‘Magic Hat’

Episode 3: ‘Shipwreck Found on the Beach’

Episode 4: ‘Welcome to Ghost Island’

Episode 5: ‘Nyoronyoro's Secret’

Episode 6: ‘Small, Small Visitor’

Episode 7: ‘What's Inside the Suitcase’

Episode 8: ‘Magic Trick of the Flying Demon’

Episode 9: ‘Invisible Friend’

Episode 10: ‘Ninny Gets Her Smile Back’

Episode 11: ‘Snork Flies in the Sky’

Episode 12: ‘Moomin Fights a Pirate’

Episode 13: ‘Last Dragon on the Earth’

Episode 14: ‘The Nextdoor Neighbor is a PTA Mom’

Episode 15: ‘Floren Gets Amnesia’

Episode 16: ‘A Martian in Moominvalley!’

Episode 17: ‘Moominpappa Runs Away’

Episode 18: ‘Magic Seed from the Sea’

Episode 19: ‘Moominvalley's Jungle’

Episode 20: ‘Moomin Saves the Tigers’

Episode 21: ‘Snufkin Departs on a Journey’

Episode 22: ‘Moomin and Mee's Big Adventure’

Episode 23: ‘Moominvalley's Winter Inhabitants’

Episode 24: ‘Snufkin Doesn't Come Back’

Episode 25: ‘On Papa's Dream’

Episode 26: ‘Days When the Lighthouse Shines a Light’

Episode 27: ‘Rich Mrs. Jane’

Episode 28: ‘Floating Haunted House’

Episode 29: ‘Separated Family’

Episode 30: ‘Reunited’

Episode 31: ‘Snork's Flying Ship’

Episode 32: ‘Rare Goldfish’

Episode 33: ‘Make a Wish to the Lamp’

Episode 34: ‘Mee Gets on a Kite’

Episode 35: ‘The Witch Comes Home’

Episode 36: ‘What's Christmas?’

Episode 37: ‘Festival of the Winter Creatures’

Episode 38: ‘Sleep Magic’

Episode 39: ‘Mysterious Sound in the Middle of the Night’

Episode 40: ‘Secret of Fireworks’

Episode 41: ‘Strange Incident in Moominvalley’

Episode 42: ‘Magic Broom’

Episode 43: ‘Heroine of the Circus’

Episode 44: ‘Wonderful Birthday’

Episode 45: ‘The House Built by Moomin’

Episode 46: ‘Papa's Rich?’

Episode 47: ‘A Hot Spring Appears!’

Episode 48: ‘Moomin Rides on a Bubble’

Episode 49: ‘Mama's Secret’

Episode 50: ‘Voice from Inside the Dead Tree’

Episode 51: ‘Floren's Psychic Powers’

Episode 52: ‘Water Fairy’

Episode 53: ‘Treasure Hunt Uproar’

Episode 54: ‘Gift for Mimura’

Episode 55: ‘Sad Papa’

Episode 56: ‘Mama Departs on a Journey’

Episode 57: ‘Floren Raises a Child’

Episode 58: ‘Contest in Moominvalley’

Episode 59: ‘Papa's Memorie’

Episode 60: ‘Mee's Prank’

Episode 61: ‘Moomin's a Genius Fortuneteller’

Episode 62: ‘Magic Word’

Episode 63: ‘Adventure of the Ship Orchestra’

Episode 64: ‘The Day of Leaving the Nest’

Episode 65: ‘Moomin's Secret’

Episode 66: ‘Vampire of Moominvalley’

Episode 67: ‘Papa's Important Seat is Broken’

Episode 68: ‘Fateful Meeting with Mama’

Episode 69: ‘Crisis with the Immortal Bird’

Episode 70: ‘Making up at the Fish Party’

Episode 71: ‘Identity of the Glowing Mushroom’

Episode 72: ‘Friendship of Moomin and the Dolphin’

Episode 73: ‘Moomin's Explorer Team’

Episode 74: ‘Singing Flower Present’

Episode 75: ‘Moomin's Lovely Dream’

Episode 76: ‘Broken House’

Episode 77: ‘Finished! Flying Ship’

Episode 78: ‘Moomin into the Open Skies’

Season 2: 'Tanoshii Muumin Ikka Boken Nikki' ('The Delightful Moomin Family: Adventure Diary')

TX: 12.04.90 - 03.10.91 (Tv Tokyo):

Episode 79: ‘The Ring on a Finger’

Episode 80: ‘The Girl With Birds’

Episode 81: ‘A Wind of Freedom’

Episode 82: ‘Mr Caramel’

Episode 83: ‘A Real Gold Mine’

Episode 84: ‘Sand Sculptures’

Episode 85: ‘The Beach’

Episode 86: ‘A Bothersome Nephew’

Episode 87: ‘The Time Travel Machine’

Episode 88: ‘The Circle of Secrets’

Episode 89: ‘The Dragon’

Episode 90: ‘The Desert’

Episode 91: ‘Queen Cleothystra’

Episode 92: ‘The Treasure Map’

Episode 93: ‘A Sniff at Everything’

Episode 94: ‘Funny Disguises’

Episode 95: ‘Moomin in Cowboy Country’

Episode 96: ‘Moominson Crusoe’

Episode 97: ‘Hidden love of Pretty Mee’

Episode 98: ‘Tears of the Dragon’

Episode 99: ‘Chouca Lisa’

Episode 100: ‘The Night of the Red Moon’

Episode 101: ‘Return to childhood’

Episode 102: ‘The Birthday Surprise’

Episode 103: ‘The Moomins and the Fake Yeti’

Episode 104: ‘The Starry Voyage’

Written by Shozo Matsuda and Akira Miyazaki
Directed by Hiroshi Saitô and Ryôsuke Takahashi

Duration: 25 minutes each