Moomins Logo 'Moomins'
Japanese Cartoon
(1st Version)


TX: 1969 - 1970:

Episode 1: ‘Secret of the Silk Hat’

Episode 2: ‘After the Devil‘s Heart’

Episode 3: ‘Rain! Storm! Flood!’

Episode 4: ‘Where is the Mysterious Spring’

Episode 5: ‘Papa's Rifle of Memories’

Episode 6: ‘Non-non Returns’

Episode 7: ‘Goodbye Gao-gao’

Episode 8: ‘Non-non in Danger!’

Episode 9: ‘Great Train Robbery of Moomin Valley’

Episode 10: ‘A Mysterious Dwarf’

Episode 11: ‘The Collection Vanishes’

Episode 12: ‘Christmas in Moomin Valley’

Episode 13: ‘Papa's a Popular Writer’

Episode 14: ‘Last Day of Moomin Valley’

Episode 15: ‘Raise the Sails!! Ship Moomin’

Episode 16: ‘Mysterious Professor Gnorth’

Episode 17: ‘Where is Baby?’

Episode 18: ‘I Want To Be a Bum’ (or ‘I Hate Rich People’)

Episode 19: ‘Moon Landing OK!’

Episode 20: ‘Hustle on Kkis!’

Episode 21: ‘A Mysterious Homeless Child’

Episode 22: ‘It's Bigfoot, Yahoo!’

Episode 23: ‘Little Mee's Big Plan’

Episode 24: ‘Gunman of Mount Lonesome’

Episode 25: ‘Congratulations, Snork’

Episode 26: ‘Turn This Way, Non-non’

Episode 27: ‘Non-non Loses His Face’

Episode 28: ‘Big Little Adventure’

Episode 29: ‘A Flying Demon Appears!’

Episode 30: ‘Gift From Heaven’

Episode 31: ‘Sorry, Stinky’

Episode 32: ‘Haunted House in the Forest’

Episode 33: ‘Cowardly Bean Thief’

Episode 34: ‘Gold Horse, Silver Horse’

Episode 35: ‘Summer Festival Aurora’

Episode 36: ‘Moominpappa's Notebook’

Episode 37: ‘Ugly Little Pet’

Episode 38: ‘Hello, Mermaid’

Episode 39: ‘Who's in the House?’

Episode 40: ‘Secret of Nyoronyoro’

Episode 41: ‘Capture Mameluke!’

Episode 42: ‘A Big, Big Present’

Episode 44: ‘Where Have the Sea's Stars Gone’

Episode 43: ‘Stormy Monster Island’

Episode 45: ‘Arrival of the Demon Bird’

Episode 46: ‘Looking For Snow in Summer’

Episode 47: ‘The Lost Pendant’

Episode 48: ‘Echo Came Walking In’

Episode 49: ‘I Hate the Piano’

Episode 50: ‘Take Off the Ring of Sleep’

Episode 51: ‘Autumn, a Time of Sentimentality’

Episode 52: ‘Doll Dancing in the Moonlight’

Episode 53: ‘What the Kite Knew’

Episode 54: ‘Goodbye, Migratory Birds’

Episode 55: ‘Flightless Dove’

Episode 56: ‘Carnival in Moomin Valley’

Episode 57: ‘Big Sister's Secret’

Episode 58: ‘Non-non Disappears?’

Episode 59: ‘There's a Trick to Magic’

Episode 60: ‘Winter all Alone’

Episode 61: ‘Snow Bunny Disappeared’

Episode 62: ‘Ice Princess‘s Prank’

Episode 63: ‘Princess For a Day’

Episode 64: ‘I'm Not Afraid of My Shadow’

Episode 65: ‘Good Night, Moomin’

Duration: 25 minutes each