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When the unconscious form of a mysterious man is washed ashore after a storm at sea, he is taken to the nearby Naval Undersea Centre for treatment. Here the attractive Doctor Elizabeth Merrill finds that not only does the handsome amnesiac have webbed hands and feet, but also gills instead of lungs, which enable him to breathe both on land and in water. Naming the aquatic stranger ‘Mark Harris’, Elizabeth determines that he can swim faster than a dolphin, endure the pressure of incredible depths, and emit an ear-splitting sonar wave. Believing that Mark could be the sole survivor of the mythical undersea city of Atlantis, the Foundation of Ocean Research offers him the chance to join their team, in return for help in determining the fate of his people.

Starring Patrick Duffy (who later went on to star as Bobby Ewing in ‘Dallas’) in the title role, ‘The Man From Atlantis’ originally appeared in four TV movies. These stories proved to be highly entertaining, and soon schoolboys everywhere were pretending to swim just like Mark Harris did in his yellow trunks (well, they did in my school anyway!). A series was then commissioned, which carried on from the TV movies; however, this time round the production values were not what they could have been, and the stories got more and more outrageous as things went along. Not only did Mark and the crew of the submarine Cetacean have to regularly deal with world-threatening schemes by megalomaniac Mr. Shubert, but they also faced two-headed sea monsters, robots, evil imps, giant jellyfish, mermaids, cowboy doppelgangers, time warps, and even Romeo and Juliet. Ahem. After just fourteen episodes the show was cancelled, leaving poor Mark Harris all washed up…

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