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Student Randi Wallace travels from Los Angeles to London to study myths and legends under Professor Ian Matheson at the city’s university. The two instantly hit it off, and so Ian offers his new pupil a place to stay at his parent’s bed-and-breakfast hotel. Looking for inspiration for her work, Randi decides to soak up the ambience of the nearby moors, only to be viciously attacked by a huge, dog-like creature. Badly scratched and bitten, Randi is rushed to hospital, but to Ian’s relief she makes a full recovery from her wounds over the next few weeks. However, Randi’s life has been irrevocably changed: one night, feeling ill and excessively hot, she collapses to the floor and transforms into a terrifying werewolf…

Hoping to find a cure to her lycanthropy, Randi and Ian place an ad in the newspapers: “Occult Researchers: Seek those with problems or personal experience in the realms of the supernatural. Please reply to Box No. 252, London W1E 2RA”. Their search soon leads them into encounters with many unnatural creatures and bizarre monsters, including vampires, a bog man, a killer clown, demons and phantoms; at one point Ian even dies, only to be resurrected as a flesh-eating zombie! Notably, Randi only transformed into a werewolf in a few episodes, as the producers recognised the fact that a full moon only occurs once every four weeks.

‘She-Wolf of London’ is a show that doesn’t take itself at all seriously, and its tongue-in-cheek scripts, over-the-top characters and innovative direction are complimented by the choice of leading actors: Kate Hodge (‘Silk Stalkings’) as Randi Wallace and Neil Dickson (‘Biggles’, ‘Sliders’, ‘Dynasty’ and a host of cartoon and videogame voiceovers) as mythology professor Ian Matheson bring a knowing wink to their on-screen personas, and develop a sexual chemistry between them that adds a further dimension to the characters.

As a British / U.S. co-production, the first fourteen episodes of ‘She-Wolf of London’ were recorded in England, employing well-known British actors and directors to give the show a unique style all of its own; executive producer Patrick Dromgoole is well known to viewers of science fiction and telefantasy, having worked on shows such as ‘Robin of Sherwood’, ‘Into the Labyrinth’, ‘Children of the Stones’ and ‘Sky’, to name but a few.

Unfortunately, mid-way through the season disaster struck: the European producers of the series pulled their financial backing, forcing production to transfer to Los Angeles. In a radical change of format only Ian and Randi were kept on, as the storyline saw Ian lose his job at the university, get a job as a U.S. talk-show host and then set up home with Randi in L.A. suburbia. A further six episodes were made and transmitted under the new title of ‘Love and Curses’, before the show was finally cancelled.

‘She-Wolf of London’ is now available on DVD (with all the episodes branded under the ‘Love and Curses’ titles), and I’d heartily recommend it as an entertaining, and much-overlooked, example of 80s telefantasy.

She-Wolf of London / Love and Curses - Season 1

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