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K-9 is a super-intelligent robot-dog, created by Professor Marius in the 49th Century for use on the Bi-Al Foundation space hospital. After being given by his master as a present to a mysterious Time Lord known as the Doctor, K-9 found himself travelling through time and space, experiencing many exiting adventures battling monsters and fighting evil, before finally being left in E-Space with the Doctor’s companion, Romana.

However, K-9’s story doesn’t end there: whilst in pursuit of a group of reptilian aliens called the Jixen, he is pulled through an alien Space-Time Manipulator and ends up in London, Earth, in the late 21st Century. Here he meets the eccentric Professor Gryffen and his lab assistant Darius, a young rebel called Starkey, and a young girl named Jorjie. Forced to sacrifice himself to save the humans from the alien menace, K-9 is about to deactivate when Starkey triggers a ‘regeneration disc’: the robot dog renews himself completely, and a new-look K-9 is born!

Created by Bob Baker and Paul Tams, the series ‘K-9’ is an unofficial, non-canonical (and I really can’t stress that enough!) spin-off from ‘Doctor Who’, co-produced with (deep breath) Screen Australia, Pacific Film and Television Company Pty. Ltd., Park Entertainment Ltd., Stewart & Wall Entertainment Pty. Ltd., Cutting Edge Post Pty. Ltd., Metal Mutt Productions Pty. Ltd. and Channel Ten Australia. Publicity for the show promised much, with a new, high-tech version of K-9, plenty of monsters, and lots of action – unfortunately what we got was a sub-average attempt at a children’s television programme that suffered from dull stories, dire writing, cringe-worthy acting, lacklustre direction and puerile humour (a farting K-9??).

Series one comprised of twenty-six episodes of twenty-five minute duration, all with an over-arching storyline – which was somewhat ruined in the UK by Disney XD’s transmission, when the channel decided to premier the show with episodes one and two in October 2009 without telling anyone, then resume transmission six months later with ‘The Korven’ (featuring a monster that looked like a giant rabbit in a boiler suit) without any recap. It’s not known if a second series will be commissioned, but if the first is anything to go by, that may be just as well…

(‘K-9’ was originally created by Bob Baker and Dave Martin as a one-off character for the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Invisible Enemy’; however, when K-9 proved popular with the audience the production team decided to keep him on as a new companion, joining the Doctor and his then-assistant Leela in the TARDIS. Since then, there have been a further three versions of the robot dog: K-9 Mk II for ‘Doctor Who’; Mk III in an unsuccessful (and awful) pilot for proposed spin-off series ‘K-9 and Company’; and K-9 Mk IV, appearing in the new series of ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’)

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