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"She is... immortal. A thousand years old, and she cannot die. A creature of legend… like the Raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon. They sent a warrior to bring her back. He found her, and together they brought back light to the world. I was a cop. To me she was just a thief, another day on the job. But she wasn't. She changed my life, changed... everything. And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same." - Nick Wolfe

A spin-off from the extremely popular ‘Highlander’ television series, ‘Highlander: The Raven’ follows the exploits of the Amanda, a beautiful twelve-hundred-year-old immortal thief-with-style. After having been romantically involved with highlander Duncan MacLeod in an off-and-on relationship spanning several hundred years, Amanda is now a little older, a little wiser, and a little less reliant on the men in her life. She soon meets Nick Wolfe, an ex-police detective who has resigned his commission because his partner was murdered by crooked cops, and the incident covered up by his superiors. Together, Amanda and Nick unwittingly find themselves forming an uneasy alliance in the fight against injustice and crime.

Created by the same production team that brought viewers ‘Highlander – the Series’, the show is a brave attempt to continue the mythos of the immortals, this time with the type of ‘will-they, won't-they’ sexual chemistry found in ‘Moonlighting’ and ‘The X-Files’. It’s not a bad attempt either, with the lovely Elizabeth Gracen once more reprising her role of Amanda - but somehow Paul Johansson as Nick Wolfe is just no substitute for Adrian Paul, and one can’t help but feel slightly disappointed after the high standards set by the parent show. That being said, ‘Highlander: The Raven’ still has some great stories, and provides enough action-packed and humour-laden episodes for its audiences to enjoy.

Note: The episode synopses featured are taken from the original Sci-Fi Channel publicity releases.

Highlander: The Raven - Season 1

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