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Season 1 Logo.


Title TX Date Story Code Info
In His Own Image 25th September 2006 101 US TX
Don't Look Back 2nd October 2006 102 US TX
One Giant Leap 9th October 2006 103 US TX
Collision 16th October 2004 104 US TX
Hiros 23rd October 2004 105 US TX
Better Halves 30th October 2004 106 US TX
Nothing To Hide 6th November 2004 107 US TX
Seven Minutes To Midnight 13th November 2004 108 US TX
Homecoming 20th November 2004 109 US TX
Six Months Ago 27th November 2004 110 US TX
Fallout 4th December 2006 111 US TX
Godsend 22nd January 2007 112 US TX
The Fix 29th January 2007 113 US TX
Distractions 5th February 2007 114 US TX
Run! 12th February 2007 115 US TX
Unexpected 19th February 2007 116 US TX
Company Man 26th February 2007 117 US TX
Parasite 4th March 2007 118 US TX
.07% 23rd April 2007 119 US TX
Five Years Gone 30th April 2007 120 US TX
The Hard Part 7th May 2007 121 US TX
Landslide 30th May 2007 122 US TX
How To Stop an Exploding Man 30th May 2007 123 US TX

Season 2 Logo.


Title TX Date Story Code Info
Four Months Later... 24th September 2007 201 US TX
Lizards 1st October 2007 202 US TX
Kindred 8th October 2007 203 US TX
The Kindness Of Strangers 15th October 2007 204 US TX
Fight Or Flight 22nd October 2007 205 US TX
The Line 29th October 2007 206 US TX
Out Of Time 5th November 2007 207 US TX
Four Months Earlier 12th November 2007 208 US TX
Cautionary Tales 19th November 2007 209 US TX
Truth & Consequences 26th November 2007 210 US TX
Powerless 3rd December 2007 211 US TX

Season 3 Logo.


Title TX Date Story Code Info
The Second Coming 22nd September 2008 301 US TX
The Butterfly Effect 22nd September 2008 302 US TX
One of Us, One of Them 29th September 2008 303 US TX
I Am Become Death 6th October 2008 304 US TX
Angels and Monsters 13th October 2008 305 US TX
Dying of the Light 20th October 2008 306 US TX
Eris Quod Sum 27th October 2008 307 US TX
Villains 10th November 2008 308 US TX
It's Coming 17th November 2008 309 US TX
The Eclipse: Part 1 24th November 2008 310 US TX
The Eclipse: Part 2 1st December 2008 311 US TX
Our Father 8th December 2008 312 US TX
Dual 15th December 2008 313 US TX


A Clear and Present Danger 2nd February 2009 314 US TX
Trust and Blood 9th February 2009 315 US TX
Building 26 16th February 2009 316 US TX
Cold Wars 23rd February 2009 317 US TX
Exposed 2nd March 2009 318 US TX
Shades of Gray 9th March 2009 319 US TX
Cold Snap 23rd March 2009 320 US TX
Into Asylum 30th March 2009 321 US TX
Turn and Face the Strange 6th April 2009 322 US TX
1961 13th April 2009 323 US TX
I Am Sylar 20th April 2009 324 US TX
An Invisible Thread 27th April 2009 325 US TX

Season 4 Logo.


Title TX Date Story Code Info
Orientation 21st September 2009 401 US TX
Jump, Push, Fall 21st September 2009 402 US TX
Ink 28th September 2009 403 US TX
Acceptance 5th October 2009 404 US TX
Hysterical Blindness 12th October 2009 405 US TX
Tabula Rasa 19th October 2009 406 US TX
Strange Attractors 26th October 2009 407 US TX
Once Upon A Time In Texas 2nd November 2009 408 US TX
Shadowboxing 9th November 2009 409 US TX
Brother's Keeper 16th November 2009 410 US TX
Thanksgiving 23rd November 2009 411 US TX
The Fifth Stage 30th November 2009 412 US TX
Upon This Rock 4th January 2010 413 US TX
Let it Bleed 4th January 2010 414 US TX
Close to You 11th January 2010 415 US TX
Pass/Fail 18th January 2010 416 US TX
The Art of Deception 25th January 2010 417 US TX
The Wall 1st February 2010 418 US TX
Brave New World 8th February 2010 419 US TX


Novels Logo.

Title Release Date Publisher Info
Saving Charlie 26th December 2007 Del Rey A Heroes Novel

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