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As a total eclipse casts its shadow across the Earth, pioneering genealogist Chandra Suresh discovers that Mankind has entered its next stage of evolution: people with super powers live among us. However, in the course of his investigations, Chandra is murdered, and so is it up to his son, Mohinder, to complete his work. Mohinder’s path intersects with many of these superhumans: a politician who can fly; a pretty cheerleader who is indestructible; an artist whose heroin addiction enables him to paint images foretelling the future; an office worker who can stop time and teleport great distances; a single-mother with a homicidal alternate personality; a policeman who can hear people’s thoughts; and an elusive serial killer whose powers are matched only by his capacity for sadism. All these people have one thing in common: their ultimate destiny is to save the Earth from nuclear destruction.

‘Heroes’ is billed as a show about ordinary people discovering that they have extraordinary powers. Created by Tim Kring, the series features scripts by highly-acclaimed writers such as Damon Lindelof (co-creator of ‘Lost’), Bryan Fuller (‘Dead Like Me’) and Jeph Loeb (‘Smallville’, ‘Lost’, and comic books featuring ‘Batman’ and the ‘X-Men’). Although the show’s premise is nothing new, sharing similarities with comics such as ‘X-Men’ and ‘Rising Stars’, the story is told in a refreshingly innovative way, full of intriguing characters, multi-layered plotlines, and surprising twists and turns; the look of the show is particularly slick and stylish, and it should be - each episode costs $2 million to make!

When the first few episodes of ‘Heroes’ were met with huge acclaim, NBC wasted no time in commissioning the series for a full run of twenty-three highly-entertaining episodes. However, the second season was met with much criticism by the show’s fans, and even though the production team apologised and promised that later episodes would be much better the show continued to go off the boil, resulting in a third and fourth season of stories that proved to be extremely dull, tedious and predictable. In 2010, despite plans to wrap up the show's storyline with a thirteen-episode miniseries or four-hour TV movie, 'Heroes' was consigned to the superhero scrapheap...

(...until 2015, when a new show called ‘Heroes Reborn’ reunited some of the old cast and crew for a 13-episode miniseries. But based on what happened towards the end of the original show's run, I will give that a miss...)

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