The Goodies Logo

The Goodies Season 1 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
Tower of London
(a.k.a Beefeaters)
8th November 1970 BBC2 TX
Snooze 15th November 1970 BBC2 TX
Give Police a Chance
(a.k.a Love the Police
/ Police Public Image)
22nd November 1970 BBC2 TX
Caught in the Act
(a.k.a Playgirl Club
/ Compromising Photos)
29th November 1970 BBC2 TX
The Greenies
(a.k.a Army Ganmes)
6th December 1970 BBC2 TX
(a.k.a Servants)
13th December 1970 BBC2 TX
Radio Goodies
(a.k.a Pirate Radio Goodies)
20th December 1970 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 2 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
The Loch Ness Monster
(a.k.a Scotland)
1st October 1971 BBC2 TX
The Commonwealth Games
(a.k.a 'Sporting Goodies')
8th October 1971 BBC2 TX
Pollution 15th October 1971 BBC2 TX
The Lost Tribe
(a.k.a The Lost Tribe Of the Orinoco)
22nd October 1971 BBC2 TX
The Music Lovers
(a.k.a. The Music Master
/ The Stolen Musicians)
29th October 1971 BBC2 TX
Art For Art's Sake
(a.k.a Culture for the Masses)
5th November 1971 BBC2 TX
Kitten Kong 12th November 1971 BBC2 TX
Come Dancing
(a.k.a Wicked Waltzing)
19th November 1971 BBC2 TX
Farm Fresh Food
(a.k.a Health Farm)
10th December 1971 BBC2 TX
Women's Lib
(a.k.a Sexual Revolution)
17th December 1971 BBC2 TX
Gender Education
(a.k.a Sex and Violence)
31st December 1971 BBC2 TX
Charity Bounce 7th January 1972 BBC2 TX
The Baddies
(a.k.a Nice Person of the Year)
14th January 1972 BBC2 TX
Kitten Kong (Montreux Special version) 9th April 1972 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 3 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
The New Office
(a.k.a Moving Day)
4th February 1973 BBC2 TX
A Hunting We Will Go
(a.k.a. Hunting Pink
/ Where There's a Will...)
11th February 1973 BBC2 TX
Winter Olympics 18th February 1973 BBC2 TX
Black Magic
(a.k.a That Old Black Magic
/ Which Witch is Which?)
25th February 1973 BBC2 TX
The Lost Island of Munga
(a.k.a. For Those in Peril on the Sea
/ A High-Sea Adventure)
4th March 1973 BBC2 TX
Way Outward Bound
(a.k.a. Outward Bounds)
11th March 1973 BBC2 TX
Superstar 18th March 1973 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 4 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
Camelot 1st December 1973 BBC2 TX
Invasion of the Moon Creatures
(a.k.a. The Planet of the Rabbits)
9th December 1973 BBC2 TX
Hospital for Hire
(a.k.a. The National Health Service)
16th December 1973 BBC2 TX
The Goodies and the Beanstalk 24th December 1973 BBC2 TX
The Stone Age
(a.k.a. Archaeologists
/ Tyrannosaurus Rex
/ Pot Holing)
29th December 1973 BBC2 TX
Goodies in the Nick
(a.k.a. The Great Goodies Bank Robbery)
5th January 1974 BBC2 TX
The Race 12th January 1974 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 5 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
(a.k.a. The British Film Industry)
10th February 1974 BBC2 TX
Clown Virus 17th February 1974 BBC2 TX
Chubbie Chumps
(a.k.a. The Beauty Contest
/ Radio 2)
24th February 1974 BBC2 TX
Wacky Wales 3rd March 1974 BBC2 TX
Frankenfido 10th March 1974 BBC2 TX
Scatty Safari
(a.k.a. The Existance of Rolf Harris)
17th March 1974 BBC2 TX
Kung Fu Kapers
(a.k.a. Ecky Thump)
24th March 1974 BBC2 TX
Lighthouse Keeping Loonies
(a.k.a. The Lighthouse Men)
31st March 1974 BBC2 TX
Rome Antics 7th April 1974 BBC2 TX
Cunning Stunts
(a.k.a. Fleet Street Goodies)
14th April 1974 BBC2 TX
South Africa
(a.k.a. South African Adventure
/ Apartheight)
21st April 1974 BBC2 TX
Bunfight at the O.K. Tea Rooms 28th April 1974 BBC2 TX
The End
(a.k.a. Encased in Concrete)
5th May 1974 BBC2 TX
Goodies Rule - OK? 21st December 1974 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 6 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
Lips, or Almighty Cod 21st September 1976 BBC2 TX
Hype Pressure
(a.k.a. The Rock and Roll Revival)
28th September 1976 BBC2 TX
Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express 5th October 1976 BBC2 TX
Black and White Beauty 12th October 1976 BBC2 TX
(a.k.a. It Might As Well Be String)
19th October 1976 BBC2 TX
2001 and a Bit 26th October 1976 BBC2 TX
The Goodies Almost Live 2nd November 1976 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 7 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
Alternative Roots
(a.k.a. The Goodies Find Their Roots)
1st November 1977 BBC2 TX
Dodonuts 8th November 1977 BBC2 TX
(a.k.a. couting Adventures)
22nd November 1977 BBC2 TX
Punky Business
(a.k.a. Rock Goodies
/ Punkerella)
29th November 1977 BBC2 TX
Royal Command
(a.k.a. Royal Command Performance)
6th December 1977 BBC2 TX
(a.k.a. The End of the World Show)
6th December 1977 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 8 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
(a.k.a. Goodies and Politics)
14th January 1980 BBC2 TX
Saturday Night Grease 21st January 1980 BBC2 TX
A Kick in the Arts 28th January 1980 BBC2 TX
U-Friend or UFO? 4th February 1980 BBC2 TX
(a.k.a. Animal Liberation)
11th February 1980 BBC2 TX
War Babies 18th February 1980 BBC2 TX

The Goodies Season 9 Logo

Title Original TX Date Info
Snow White 2
(a.k.a. Pantomime)
27th December 1981 LWT TX
(a.k.a. Automation)
9th January 1982 LWT TX
Football Crazy 16th January 1982 LWT TX
(a.k.a. AKA In Search of Bigfoot
/ In Search Of ... Arthur C. Clarke)
23rd January 1982 LWT TX
Change Of Life 30th January 1982 LWT TX
(a.k.a. Holidays)
6th February 1982 LWT TX
(a.k.a. Animals Are People Too
/ Pets)
13th February 1982 LWT TX

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