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“He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm at the heart of the sun... He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe... And he's wonderful.” – from 'The Family of Blood'

'Doctor Who' is the longest-running science fiction television series in the world. From its humble beginnings on BBC1 on Saturday November 23rd, 1963, the show has appeared on television, radio, cinema, stage, books, comics, records, CDs, games and the internet.

The series chronicles the adventures of the Doctor, an enigmatic Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who has two hearts, a brilliant, if somewhat eccentric, mind, and an insatiable curiosity to explore the universe. Travelling in his TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a time-and-space machine that looks just like a battered old London Police Telephone Box, the Doctor and his host of loyal companions fight evil in all its monstrous shapes and forms – including the ruthless mutant Daleks in their armoured travel machines; the emotionless Cybermen from Earth's sister planet, Mondas; the Sontarans, a squat race of warrior clones; and the deadly Ice Warriors from Mars...

'Doctor Who's appeal is its almost limitless scope for stories, as the Doctor's amazing adventures take him across all of space and time. Another innovative concept is the Time Lord's ability to regenerate into a completely different physical form when mortally injured, which enables the production team to recast the leading role with ease: to date, there have been twelve television incarnations of the Doctor, played by William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi (plus John Hurt as a secret Doctor from the Time War, and Tennant as a 'metacrisis' version of the Tenth – yes, it's complicated!).

(Not forgetting Peter Cushing, who played 'Dr Who' in two 1960s movies, and Trevor Martin, who took on the role in a 1970s stage play; and there have been many, many other actors in countless spoofs and sketches shown over the years.)

The 'original' series of 'Doctor Who' ran for twenty-six seasons of highly entertaining adventures, before the Seventh Doctor's travels finally ended in 1989. But the show's story didn't end there: the Doctor's travels continued in Virgin Book's 'New Adventures'; a TV Movie co-produced with America was shown in 1996, with Paul McGann taking over the title role as the Eighth Doctor; the BBC released the first of their 'Doctor Who' novels (which the Guinness Book of Records acknowledges as the longest running book series in the world); and Big Finish Productions began producing new audio adventures, which still continue to this day.

Then, in 2005, the BBC announced that 'Doctor Who' would return in a brand-new series, produced by one of television's most successful and proficient writers, Russell T Davies, and starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. The show was a massive success, and caused 'Doctor Who' to rocket back into the public's hearts to become one of the BBC's biggest flagship programmes. The show continued to go from strength to strength, and when actor David Tennant took over to title role, his portrayal of the Tenth Doctor was so popular that viewers voted him as the best Doctor ever! He was followed by the youngest actor to play the role, Matt Smith, who proved to more than capable of portraying a madman with a time-travelling box years older than he looks. Peter Capaldi has now taken on the title role, bringing back the alien and irrascible nature of the Doctor for his twelfth incarnation.

As well as all that, 'Doctor Who' also produced a number of spin-off series which featured former companions of the Doctor: 'Torchwood', which saw Captain Jack Harkness and his team defending the Earth from their secret base in Cardiff; 'The Sarah Jane Adventures', which followed the exploits of reporter and former-companion Sarah Jane Smith, and her gang of young adventurers; 'Class', which followed the adventures of several pupils at Coal Hill Academy; and the non-canon series 'K-9', which starred an updated version of the Doctor's favourite pet robot dog.

As rumours of a 'Doctor Who' feature film continue to do the rounds, and new 'Doctor Who' novels and audio adventures continue to be released by the BBC and Big Finish, Chris Chibnall takes over the reins of executive producer and showrunner for the next season of television episodes (Season 11 [Season 37]), with Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor...

The Stories:

The 'Classic' Series (Doctors 1-8):

The First Doctor - Pre-Season 1 Stories
The First Doctor - Seasons 1-4
The Second Doctor - Seasons 4-6a
The Third Doctor - Seasons 7-11
The Fourth Doctor - Seasons 12-18
The Fifth Doctor - Seasons 19-21
The Sixth Doctor - Seasons 21-23a
The Seventh Doctor - Seasons 24-26a
The Seventh Doctor - Virgin 'New Adventures' Novels Seasons 1-8
The Eighth Doctor - The Television Movie / Early Stories
The Eighth Doctor - BBC Novels Seasons 1-9
The Eighth Doctor - Audio Adventures Seasons 1-19
The Eighth Doctor - The Time War

The 'New' Series (War Doctor / Doctors 9-13):

The War Doctor - The Time War
The Ninth Doctor - Season 1 [Season 27]
The Tenth Doctor - Seasons 2-4 [Seasons 28-30] / Specials
The Eleventh Doctor - Seasons 5-7 [Seasons 31-33] / Specials
The Twelfth Doctor - Seasons 8-10 [Seasons 34-36] / Specials
The Twelfth Doctor - Seasons 8-10 [Seasons 34-36] / Specials
The Thirteenth Doctor - Season 11 [Season 37]


Future Doctor Stories
Miscellaneous Stories (Films, Stageplays, Companions, Lost Stories, Alternate Doctors, etc.)

'Torchwood' Episode Guide
'The Sarah Jane Adventures' Episode Guide
'Class' Episode Guide
'K-9' Episode Guide

My visit to the 'Doctor Who' set in BBC Cardiff, June 2007
Meeting the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith
My production of 'Doctor Who - Edits of Evil', made for the BBC VT Christmas Tape

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(Key to Stories:)
Stories are grouped under each Doctor, and then listed in seasons. Stories that fall outside of established seasons have been grouped under separate season codes (eg 6a, 23a, etc.). Executive Producer / writer Russell T. Davies has stated that the 'New' series began with 'Season 1', as shown on BBC paperwork; my timelines use this numbering convention, and also continue the numbering from the original 'Classic' series to acknowledge the history of the show (so 'Season 1' = 'Season 27', etc.).

All televised stories were originally transmitted on BBC 1, and given a production story code for internal reference. The 'Classic' series (i.e. Seasons 1 to 26) comprised of 25 minute episodes, apart from 'The Five Doctors', 'Resurrection of the Daleks', all of season 22, and 'The Trial of a Time Lord' Part 14. The television movie is 85 minutes long. The 'New' series episodes are usually 45 minutes long, apart from the various specials and mini-episodes, which are noted.

(Key to Eps:)
Denotes the number of episodes in a television or audio story.

(Key to Format:)
Describes the medium in which the story was originally presented, using the following descriptions:

  • BBC TX (BBC Television transmission)
  • BBC Radio TX (BBC Radio transmission)
  • BBC Webcast (Downloadable episode from the offical BBC website)
  • BBC Red Button (Transmitted on the BBC interactive television service)
  • BBC Interactive Game (Downloadable game from the offical BBC website)
  • BBC DVD / Blu-Ray (Extras on BBC releases)
  • BBC Record (Released originally on vinyl and cassette by Argo Records)
  • BBC Audiobooks (Released on CD)
  • 'Big Finish Audio' (CD released by Big Finish Productions)
  • 'Out of the Darkness' (Story anthology released on CD and cassette by BBC Audio)
  • 'Earth and Beyond' (Story anthology released on CD and cassette by BBC Audio)
  • Target Books (Novelisation released by Target Books)
  • 'Missing Adventures' (Novel released by Virgin Books)
  • 'New Adventures' (Novel released by Virgin Books)
  • 'Decalog', 'Decalog 2', 'Decalog 3', 'Decalog 5' (Anthology released by Virgin Books)
  • 'Past Doctor Adventures' (Novel released by BBC Books)
  • BBC Graphic Novel (Released by BBC Books)
  • xxth 'Doctor Adventures' (Novel released by BBC Books)
  • 'Radio Times' (Comic strip featured in 'The Radio Times' BBC Publication)
  • 'Short Stories' (Anthology released by BBC Books)
  • 'More Short Stories' (Anthology released by BBC Books)
  • 'Short Trips and Side Steps' (Anthology released by BBC Books)
  • 'Short Trips...' (Anthology released by Big Finish)
  • Stage Play (Theatrical production)

  • (Notes on Canon:)
    Not included are unofficial or non-canon stories, such as the comic strips published in 'TV21', 'TV Comic', 'Countdown', 'Doctor Who Weekly', 'Doctor Who Monthly', 'The Doctor Who Magazine' and 'The Incredible Hulk Presents'; the comic strips published in various annuals, yearbooks, storybooks and specials; charity publications such as 'Missing Pieces', 'Perfect Timing', etc.; 'Decalogs' 4-5; the first six 'Bernice Summerfield' Big Finish Audio releases (which are apocryphal in relation to the original books they dramatise); the Script Books that present BBC-rejected scripts; the many fan-produced videos, including 'Wartime', 'P.R.o.B.e.' and the 'monster stories' produced by BBV; the 'Faction Paradox' novels and audios; all non-BBC / fan-produced novels, such as 'Lethbridge Stewart'; and the 'Downtime' and 'Shakedown' video releases, (which are instead represented by the Virgin novels); 'The Ultimate Adventure' stage-play (which, despite featuring the Third and Sixth Doctors - as well as a future incarnation - can't be called canon either!); 'The Doctor Who Experience' interactive adventure; 'The Crash of the Elysium' interactive play by Punchdrunk; the Puffin eBooks (because they are awful!); plus numerous 'in-character' television appearances by the actors playing the Doctor over the years.

    I have included the following as canon: the BBC radio plays 'Exploration Earth' and 'Slipback'; the webcast of 'Death Comes to Time' (even though it doesn't fit into continuity!); 'A Fix With Sontarans' (although viewed as non-canon, it is referred to in the 'Fixing a Hole' short story, which is canon); 'The Pescatons' released by Argo Records; the 'Radio Times' comic strips (because they were published in a BBC publication); the BBC Novel 'Mission Impractical' and the Big Finish Audios 'The Holy Terror', and 'The Maltese Penguin' (which all feature Frobisher - a character from the 'Doctor Who Monthly' comic strips which, despite not being canon, are still regarded as an important part of 'Doctor Who' mythos); the Big Finish Audio 'The Ratings War' (featuring Beep the Meep from the 'Doctor Who Weekly' comic strip 'Star Beast'); both 1960s Dalek movies; the stageplays 'Curse of the Daleks', 'Seven Keys to Doomsday', 'Recall U.N.I.T.'; and 'The Ultimate Adventure'; 'Disney Time' (which fits in between seasons 12 and 13); 'Search Out Science'; the Comic Relief parody 'The Curse of Fatal Death' (not canon, but noted anyway 'cos it's fun!); the 'Doctor Who' games released by the BBC website and Nintendo (with the voices of Matt Smith and other members of the BBC cast); the many short scenes, stories and television appearances that feature the Eleventh Doctor; and anything else that takes my fancy.

    Canon is always a hotly-debated subject, and these distinctions are my own opinion - as are any comments I make on my site!

    Legal Bit: 'Doctor Who' is a registered trademark of BBC Worldwide. The 'Doctor Who' logo and all images from the television series are copyright BBC unless otherwise stated; no copyright infringement is intended. All specially created images and text are copyright © Clive Banks; please do not use these without my permission. All rights reserved. No profit is made from this website, and any revenue made from using the banner-links featured goes straight back into the costs of maintaining it, which comes out of my own pocket in the first place. No profit advertising is accepted. This website was created purely to entertain and amuse, and any references to persons living, dead, comatose, in suspended animation, regenerated, not born yet, or a figment of someone's imagination is purely coincidental. All opinions expressed are my own, so there...

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