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Around the time of the fifth season of the hugely successful series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, Paramount decided that they wanted to produce another spin-off series based on the original ‘Star Trek’ show from the Sixties. ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ was set at the same time as ‘ST:TNG’, and on occasion, cast from one series would guest-star in episodes from that of the other. The series was billed as being ‘darker’ and ‘grittier’ than its sister show, and also took a leaf out of ‘Babylon 5’s books by incorporating multi-episode story arcs in its later seasons.

Deep Space Nine is a Federation outpost on the edge of Cardassian space. The station belongs to the Bajorans, a race of spiritual people whose home planet of Bajor was until recently occupied by the militant Cardassians. It was many years of Bajoran terrorist attacks that led to the Cardassians finally withdrawing from Bajor, and the Bajoran Provisional Government subsequently asks the Federation for help with the immense task of rebuilding Bajor after the occupation. The series begins as a small Federation crew establish a presence on the space station. A stable wormhole to the distant Gamma quadrant is discovered nearby, and Deep Space Nine is repositioned at its portal, thus ensuring that the station and Bajor occupy a major strategic position in opening up a whole new region of space for exploration and colonisation. At first the Gamma Quadrant looks to be an interesting new opportunity for Bajor and the Federation, but gradually a menace appears in the form of a powerful empire known only as ‘The Dominion’…

Assigned to Deep Space Nine as it's commander is Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. After negotiating an understanding with some life-forms who live inside the Bajoran Wormhole, Sisko unwittingly becomes an important figure in Bajoran religion - The Emissary. Station personnel include Chief Operations Officer Miles O'Brien, recently transferred from the Enterprise; Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax - a three-hundred-year-old symbiot known as ‘Dax’ living inside the host body of humanoid Trill woman, Jadzia; Doctor Julian Bashir, a brilliant Starfleet physician; Bajoran administrator Major Kira Nerys, an outspoken ex-terrorist; Odo, the shape-shifting Security Officer who has no knowledge of his origin or heritage; and the unscrupulous Ferengi Quark, owner of the station’s bar.

Later seasons would see Sisko promoted to Captain, and the Klingon Lieutenant Commander Worf transferred from the Enterprise to join the crew. As the Dominion threat increases, Starfleet station a prototype warship called The Defiant at DS9; the Federation-Klingon alliance is severed, and war between the two forces seems imminent; the Cardassians form an alliance with the Dominion, and seize control of the station; and then all-out war breaks out between the Dominion-alliance and the Federation…

Note: The episode synopses featured are taken from the official publicity releases.

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