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“Paranoia is an intelligent form of common sense. None of us knows what’s going on around us… We’re all in the dark, and it’s getting darker.” - Marcie

‘Dark Season’ follows the adventures of three schoolchildren, fifth-formers Thomas and Reet, and their eccentrically enigmatic third-form friend Marcie, as they uncover sinister goings-on at their school. The six-part series was actually comprised of two three-part stories, and is quite simply one of the most underrated gems ever to come out of the BBC’s Children’s department.

The show was written by Russell T Davis (the man responsible for ‘Century Falls’, ‘Queer as Folk’, and the new series of ‘Doctor Who’) and produced by Richard Callanan (who produced such children’s classics as ‘Five Children and It’, ‘Earthfasts’ and ‘Maid Marion and Her Merry Men’). Wonderfully plotted and containing some excellent dialogue, ‘Dark Season’ is superbly directed by Colin Cant, and could almost be a junior version of ‘Doctor Who’. Indeed, there are many references to that particular show, and the lead character of Marcie shares many character traits with the Seventh Doctor - newcomer Victoria Lambert plays the role with an intensity and abruptness rarely – if ever – seen in a children’s heroine. Ben Chandler is particularly entertaining as the hapless Thomas, while Kate Winslet as Reet is great too – in her first on-screen role, no less (wonder whatever happened to her…?); television stalwarts Brigit Forsyth, Cyril Shaps and Jacqueline Pearce embrace their roles with aplomb, and Grant Parsons makes a terrific villain as the menacing Mr. Eldritch.

Dark Season - Season 1

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