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Season 7

by Brian Truman and Mike Harding
Danger Mouse

‘Danger Mouse on the Orient Express’ After Danger Mouse and Penfold manage to get hold of a document from Baron Greenback, they set off on a journey on the Orient Express. But the Baron is not far behind…
TX: 11th November, 1986 - 20 mins

‘The Ultra Secret Secret’
When aliens threaten to invade the Earth, Baron Greenback offers to team up with Danger Mouse to save the world…
TX: 20th November, 1986 - 20 mins

‘Duckula Meets Frankenstoat’
Count Duckula teams up with Doctor Frankenstoat so that they can take over the world using an army of robot vampoids. Can Danger Mouse and Penfold stop the dastardly duck’s deadly plan?
TX: 27th November, 1986 - 20 mins

‘Where There's a Well There's a Way’
When Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to find Merlin's magic wish-granting inkwell, they soon find themselves out of their depth…
TX: 4th December, 1986 - 20 mins

‘All Fall Down’
The plans to a top secret device capable of destroying the world are stolen, and so Danger Mouse and Penfold set off to retrieve them…
TX: 11th December, 1986 - 20 mins

‘Turn of the Tide’
The Earth floods when an inexplicable change in the moon’s mass causes the tides to turn. Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to the moon, only to discover that it has been turned into a scrap yard…
TX: 18th December, 1986 - 20 mins

David Jason (Danger Mouse / Colonel K / Nero / Count Duckula / The Narrator [Isambard Sinclair]), Terry Scott (Ernest Penfold), Brian Trueman (Stiletto), Edward Kelsey (Colonel K / Baron Silas Greenback / Professor Squawkencluck)

*Featuring Danger Mouse, Penfold and Colonel K