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Season 6

by Brian Truman and Mike Harding
Danger Mouse


‘Once Upon a Time Slip’
Instead of reading the script, Isambard the narrator begins reading a bizarre version of ‘Robin Hood’, and Danger Mouse and Penfold are forced to act it out…
TX: 25th December, 1984 - 10 mins

‘Viva Danger Mouse’
Baron Greenback teams up with Mexican desperado El Loco to hatch a plan to put cactus needles in the most important chairs in the world, and Danger Mouse refuses to take it sitting down…
TX: 3rd January, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Play it Again, Wufgang’
When a mad composer begins destroying the world's music, Danger Mouse and Penfold set off to put him behind ‘bars’…
TX: 10th January, 1985 - 10 mins
* The cast sings the theme song over the end credits

‘Hear, Hear’
Baron Greenback's latest device brainwashes anyone who hears his voice, but luckily (!) Penfold's hearing problems make him immune…
TX: 17th January, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Multiplication Fable’
When a space ship crash-lands on Earth, the alien captain’s pet escapes and multiplies at an alarming rate whenever something hits it, resulting in a headache for Danger Mouse and Penfold…
TX: 24th January, 1985 - 10 mins
*It is established that the Narrator is called Isambard Sinclair

‘The Spy Who Stayed in With a Cold’
Penfold is ill at home with a cold, and so Agent 57 and Danger Mouse team up to defeat Baron Greenback; the only problem is that Agent 57 has caught the cold too, and every time he sneezes he involuntarily changes disguise…
TX: 31st January, 1985 - 10 mins

‘It's All White, White Wonder’
When an experimental enzyme escapes into the sewers and turns everything it comes in contact with white, it is up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to clean up...
TX: 7th February, 1985 - 10 mins

‘The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma’
While investigating the attempted robbery of the crown jewels, Danger Mouse and Penfold find themselves trapped in a time-travelling clock…
TX: 14th February, 1985 - 10 mins

‘What a Three-Point Turn-Up For the Book’
Danger Mouse’s car rebels and takes off on its own, delaying Danger Mouse from attending a top award ceremony…
TX: 21st February, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Quark! Quark!’
The alien J.J. Quark plans to take over the Earth, and it looks like Penfold is the one to save the day…
TX: 28th February, 1985 - 10 mins

‘'Alping is Snow Easy Matter’
Baron Greenback’s latest scheme is to melt the polar ice caps in order to cause a flood and so sell rubber rafts at inflated prices. Can Danger Mouse and Penfold give him the cold shoulder?
TX: 7th March, 1985 - 10 mins

‘`Aaargh! Spiders!’
While Baron Greenback is on vacation, his hench-crow Stiletto attempts to take over London using a ray to create giant spiders…
TX: 14th March, 1985 - 10 mins

‘One of Our Stately Homes is Missing’
Danger Mouse helps Bleep, Bleep to recover an old English home that is being held for ransom…
TX: 21st March, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Afternoon Off - With the Fangboner’
The alien J.J. Quark returns to Earth, and sends a hideous Fangboner creature to attack Danger Mouse...
TX: 28th March, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Beware of Mexicans Delivering Milk’
The Mexican villain El Loco drugs Danger Mouse's milk, leaving Penfold to face him alone…
TX: 4th April, 1985 - 10 mins

When Baron Greenback creates a mechanical cat that kidnaps Colonel K, it is up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to rescue him…
TX: 11th April, 1985 - 10 mins

‘The Good, the Bad and the Motionless’
Danger Mouse's ‘evil side’ battles with his ‘good side’ in order to determine what course his life will take - will our hero turn to the dark side..?
TX: 18th April, 1985 - 10 mins

When the evil Baron Greenback uses a new ray to bring London's statues to life, Danger Mouse and Penfold speed off to halt the ensuing chaos…
TX: 25th April, 1985 - 10 mins

‘The Clock Strikes Back!’
The time-travelling grandfather clock returns, bringing with it Merlin's power-mad predecessor. Can Danger Mouse and Penfold stop the wizard from taking over the world?
TX: 2nd May, 1985 - 10 mins

‘`Ee! Tea! ‘
Trouble brews when Baron Greenback steals all of the world's tea, bringing the country to a standstill. It’s up to Danger Mouse and Penfold to ‘bag’ him…
TX: 9th May, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Bandits, Beans and Ballyhoo!’
When Danger Mouse and Penfold return from a holiday in Mexico, Penfold discovers that the desperado El Loco is hiding in his suitcase; but the mad Mexican escapes and goes on a crime spree across London…
TX: 23rd May, 1985 - 10 mins
*Danger Mouse mentions that he is engaged to 'Fifi'...

‘Have You Fled Any Good Books Lately?’
The alien J.J. Quark gives Penfold a present, which promptly unleashes frightening monsters onto the hapless hamster and Danger Mouse…
TX: 30th May, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Tut, Tut, It's Not Pharaoh’
Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to find an ancient Egyptian amulet, but Baron Greenback is planning to steal it for himself…
TX: 6th June, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Lost, Found and Spellbound’
After Professor Squawkencluck’s plane crashes in the China Sea, Danger Mouse and Penfold set off to rescue him. Unfortunately, they run into a rather tricky witch doctor, who spells trouble for the White Wonder…
TX: 13th June, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Penfold, B.F.’
Penfold swallows Professor Squawkencluck's new pill and is transformed into a super-hero! Danger Mouse is sent to look for a lost messenger pigeon, while Penfold proves to be more of a problem that usual...
TX: 20th June, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Mechanized Mayhem’
A brilliant super-computer incites the world's machines to mutiny and refuse to do their jobs. Danger Mouse and Penfold must sort out the apathetic appliances…
TX: 27th June, 1985 - 10 mins

‘Journey to the Earth's... `Cor’
A terrifyingly loud noise is coming from the centre of the Earth, and so Danger Mouse and Penfold set off to discover what is causing it…
TX: 25th December, 1985 - 10 mins

David Jason (Danger Mouse / Colonel K / Nero / The Narrator [Isambard Sinclair]), Terry Scott (Ernest Penfold), Brian Trueman (Stiletto), Edward Kelsey (Colonel K / Baron Silas Greenback / Professor Squawkencluck)

*Featuring Danger Mouse, Penfold and Colonel K