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Season 5

by Brian Truman and Mike Harding
Danger Mouse


‘Long Lost Crown Affair’
Danger Mouse and Penfold are on holiday in the Amazon jungle searching for a long-lost Aztec crown; but Baron Greenback decides to spoil their relaxation…
TX: 20th February, 1984 - 10 mins

‘By George It's a Dragon’
Reports of a dangerous dragon cause Danger Mouse and Penfold to travel to Wales, only to meet someone named Jones…
TX: 27thb February, 1984 - 10 mins

‘Tiptoe Through the Penfolds’
Baron Greenback has a new duplication machine, but when he tries it out on Penfold, a malfunction results in hundreds of Penfolds to deal with...
TX: 5th March, 1984 - 10 mins

‘Project Moon’
Baron Greenback has built a radio jamming station on the moon, and so Danger Mouse and Penfold head off into space to put it out of action…
TX: 12th March, 1984 - 10 mins

‘The Next Ice Age Begins at Midnight’
Its ‘snow’ joke when Baron Greenback holds the world to ransom with his news weather control machine, threatening to create another ice age unless he is crowned king of the world…
TX: 19th March 1984 - 10 mins

‘The Aliens are Coming’
Danger Mouse and Penfold are chosen as ambassadors to greet some aliens, but instead end up being terrorised by their giant toys…
TX: 26th March 1984 - 10 mins

‘Remote-Controlled Chaos’
Danger Mouse’s car is given an overhaul, but the boffins from HQ accidentally install parts meant for Colonel K's washing machine in it, causing problems for the White Wonder and Penfold…
TX: 2nd April, 1984 - 10 mins

‘The Man From Gadget’
A gadget salesman tries to sell Danger Mouse some new secret-agent devices to help him in find Baron Greenback's hideout, but they are more trouble than expected...
TX: 9th April, 1984 - 10 mins

‘Tampering With Time Tickles’
Baron Greenback has developed some age-altering bombs - one of them turns Danger Mouse into an overeager child and transforms Penfold into a pensioner. Will they ever act their age again?
TX: 16th April, 1984 - 10 mins

‘Nero Power’
Baron Greenback's latest invention gives Nero strange new powers, which he promptly uses to terrorise Danger Mouse and Penfold…
TX: 30th April, 1984 - 10 mins

David Jason (Danger Mouse / Colonel K / Nero / The Narrator [Isambard Sinclair]), Terry Scott (Ernest Penfold), Brian Trueman (Stiletto), Edward Kelsey (Colonel K / Baron Silas Greenback / Professor Squawkencluck)

*Featuring Danger Mouse, Penfold and Colonel K