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Season 10

by Brian Truman and Mike Harding
Danger Mouse


‘Crumhorn Strikes Back!’
Professor Crumhorn uses one of his transformation pills to turn himself into a little girl as part of a scheme to trick Danger Mouse into breaking into Fort Knox and stealing the gold...
TX: 6th February, 1992

‘Ants, Trees and ... Whoops-A-Daisy’
Penfold is due to meet his Aunt at the airport, but Colonel K sends him and Danger Mouse to the Amazon jungle to investigate a tribe that has been sacrificing people to the Great Ant God from Ataxia. The natives capture Penfold as a sacrifice - but then his Aunt arrives in a taxi and tells them all to stop playing silly games…
TX: 13th February, 1992

‘There's a Penfold in My Suit’
Penfold tries on Danger Mouse's suit, only to find that he can get it off, and that everyone now thinks that he is the White Wonder. When all the countries of Central Europe suddenly swap places, Danger Mouse and ‘Danger Mouse’ set off to Bratislavakia discover why, and promptly fall foul of a mystical stone that causes people to swap bodies…
TX: 20th February, 1992

‘Rhyme and Punishment’
Mad inventor Doctor Crumhorn sends Danger Mouse and Penfold into a hallucinatory world as part of a plan to drive them bonkers...
TX: 27th February, 1992

‘Pillow Fright!’
Baron Greenback uses an army of remote-controlled, allergy-causing pillows in his latest attempt at world domination, and Danger Mouse and Penfold refuse to take it lying down…
TX: 5th March, 1992

‘Heavy Duty’
Professor Crumhorn invents a chemical that create land-sharks, which he plans to use to terrorise London. But then Penfold gets into the formula, causing even more trouble than usual for Danger Mouse...
TX: 12th March, 1992

‘The Intergalactic 147’
A giant spaceship is heading for Earth as part of the ‘Intergalactic 147’ snooker game - and its occupants are planning on potting the Earth into a black hole! It’s a cue for Danger Mouse and Penfold to snooker their plans…
TX: 19th March, 1992
*Although it is noted as such in the episode, 147 isn't actually the highest possible break in Snooker; it is 155, one free red ball, one black, then a full 147 break. It seems the writers aren't Snooker players!! [Thanks to Justin Oliver for the info!]

David Jason (Danger Mouse / Colonel K / Nero / The Narrator [Isambard Sinclair]), Terry Scott (Ernest Penfold), Brian Trueman (Stiletto), Edward Kelsey (Colonel K / Baron Silas Greenback / Professor Squawkencluck), Jimmy Hibbert (Doctor Crumhorn)

*Featuring Danger Mouse, Penfold and Colonel K