Danger Mouse Logo 'Danger Mouse'
Season 1

by Brian Truman and Mike Harding
Danger Mouse


Pilot #1
*No further info, as episode no longer exists

Pilot #2: ‘The Mystery of the Lost Chord’
Danger Mouse, the World’s greatest secret agent, aided by his assistant Penfold, discovers that the evil Baron Greenchief has stolen every bagpipe in the world as part of a plan to create a musical weapon…

*This 10 minute pilot is later reworked as ‘Who Stole The Bagpipes’
*In this version, Danger Mouse sounds James Bond-ish, Penfold is Welsh, and there is no narrator
*This episode also has a different theme tune and incidental music, and has no end credits
*Documentation list this episode’s date of production as 8th April, 1979

‘Rogue Robots’
Baron Greenback despatches deadly attack robots in an assault against top agents - can Danger Mouse stop him?
TX: 28th September, 1981 - 10 mins

‘Who Stole the Bagpipes?’
Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent to Scotland to prevent Baron Greenback from destroying the world with the use of a deadly weapon powered by bagpipes…
TX: 30th September, 1981 - 10 mins

‘Trouble With Ghosts’
When Baron Greenback captures Colonel K, he forces him to send Danger Mouse and Penfold on holiday to a Transylvanian haunted castle…
TX: 5th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘The Chicken Run’
Professor Squakencluck’s growth-serum is stolen by the evil Baron Greenback, who uses it to create and army of giant chickens in a scheme to take over the world...
TX: 7th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘The Martian Misfit’
Baron Greenback despatches a robotic devious `Martian' to keep Danger Mouse and Penfold busy, while he embarks on a wave of crime…
TX: 12th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘The Dream Machine’
Baron Greenback uses a new dream-machine to make Danger Mouse and Penfold go mad…
TX: 14th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘Lord of the Bungle’
When elephants start turning into sugar cubes, Danger Mouse and Penfold investigate. But Penfold suffers a fall, and believes that he is the ‘Lord of the Jungle’…
TX: 19th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘Die Laughing’
Baron Greenback is using a diabolical gas to make the world's leaders laugh themselves to death - are Danger Mouse and Penfold straight-faced enough to stop him?
TX: 21st October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘The World of Machines’
Penfold is kidnapped by the evil Baron Greenback, and used to lure Danger Mouse to a spaceship. Having trapped them both inside, the Baron sends them to a world ruled by deadly machines….
TX: 26th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘Ice Station Camel’
Baron Greenback has stopped the Earth's rotation, cancelling gravity; Danger Mouse and Penfold set out to put an end to his diabolical scheme…
TX: 28th October, 1981 - 10 mins

‘The Plague of Pyramids’
Colonel K sends Danger Mouse to investigate a plague of pyramids that are appearing across the country, threatening to sink it; it seems that Baron Greenback is behind things once again…
TX: 14th December, 1981 - 10 mins

David Jason (Danger Mouse / Colonel K / Nero / The Narrator [Isambard Sinclair]), Terry Scott (Ernest Penfold), Brian Trueman (Stiletto), Edward Kelsey (Colonel K / Baron Silas Greenback / Professor Squawkencluck)

*Introducing Danger Mouse, Penfold and Colonel K