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In the Vampire Hall of Fame - yeah,
There's not a vampire zanier than

He won't bite beast or man,
'Cos he's a vegetarian.
And things never run to plan for

If you're looking for some fun,
You can always count upon,
The wild and wacky one they call

Castle Duckula, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious vampire ducks: the Counts of Duckula. Legend has it that these foul beings can be destroyed by a stake through the heart or exposure to sunlight. This does not suffice however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can be performed once a century when the moon is in the eighth house of Aquarius. However, the latest reincarnation did not run according to plan – and when tomato sauce was ineptly substituted for blood during his resurrection ceremony, Count Duckula was brought back to life as a vegetarian vampire.

Count Duckula was first seen in ‘The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse’, in which the showbiz-obsessed fowl secured his place as the craziest of the White Wonder’s adversaries. After appearing in a further three stories of ‘Danger Mouse’, Duckula was somehow destroyed – only to be resurrected for sixty-five episodes of his own show. Now no longer a blood-sucker, Duckula is still obsessed with a desire for fame and fortune, and together with his faithful butler, Igor, and his unbelievably dim Nanny, he sets forth in his time/space-travelling castle for some extraordinarily silly adventures across the world and beyond. Full of off-the wall humour and bonkers characters, ‘Count Duckula’ is yet another successful creation from the successful Cosgrove Hall stables, and is well-loved by fans of all ages!

Count Duckula - Season 1
Count Duckula - Season 2
Count Duckula - Season 3
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