Class Logo 'Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart'

by Patrick Ness
Class Cast

In the Shadow Realm, the Shadow Kin try to anchor their king’s heart to make him whole again. But April’s heart is too strong, and when the attempt fails, a furious Corakinus executes his advisor for failure. Elsewhere, April is shocked to find that she has unknowingly manifested a black scimitar made from Shadow Kin force… Some time later, a pink petal drifts through the sky to settle on April’s bedroom window; inside April breaks another violin string, her hand glowing from Shadow Kin force. Then April’s wheelchair-bound mother, Jackie, warns that her father is out of prison… At Coal Hill Academy, Miss Quill receives a visit from the new Head Teacher, Dorothea Ames, and learns that the mysterious ‘Governors’ are interested in her; things get worse for Miss Quill when Charlie commands her to attend Parents’ Evening for him. In History class, a discussion on the Dunkirk evacuation causes April to get into a heated debate on the purpose of soldiers in war; after the lesson, April smashes her locker door in anger, and then avoids a call from her father. April turns to Ram for his help, and together they bunk off school; but April’s father Huw finds them, and when he tries to apologise for his actions that left Jackie in a wheelchair, April shrugs off his touch and attacks him with her Shadow Force swords. With Huw sent fleeing in terror, April calms herself – but then Miss Ames appears, and berates them for being away from their lessons. As Ram drives April home, another pink petal falls on Miss Ames’ hand – and it draws blood… At school, Matteusz questions Charlie about his lies regarding the Cabinet of Souls; he is concerned that it can be used as a weapon, particularly when Charlie explains that the Rhodian souls could take over other souls’ bodies. Their conversation is overheard by Miss Quill, who becomes enraged at her jailer’s lies… The Shadow King’s new advisor, Kharrus, uses the anchor to trace Corakinus’ heart’s location to a distant galaxy; they only need to find the right planet... Badly shaken from the Shadow force taking her over, April finds solace in Ram’s arms; they go to bed – and their love-making affects Corakinus, who mates with Kharrus. April’s eyes glow as her connection to the Shadow King strengthens – but then her mother finds her in bed with Ram, breaking the link. At school, Tanya meets with Charlie and Matteusz; Tanya is unhappy with Charlie’s treatment of Miss Quill, likening it to slavery; but Matteusz is more concerned by the abundance of flower petals in the wrong season... Jackie is appalled by her daughter’s actions, and embarrasses April by questioning her and Ram about protection; when Ram mentions the visit from Huw, Jackie becomes even angrier. Ram hastily leaves and calls Tanya, failing to notice Huw waiting beside a tree; on the ground are more petals, and a half-eaten rat… Miss Quill asks the Head Teacher’s for a day off, but instead gets questioned about her guardianship over Charlie; after mentioning the robot inspector, Miss Ames tells Miss Quill about the flower petals: they come from a plant with an appetite for blood, which makes them reproduce in seconds. A single petal must have come through the rift, and soon they will swamp the planet; to stop them Miss Ames needs Miss Quill’s help, and in exchange she will remove her neural implant… April tries storming out of her house, but is stopped by Jackie; then Huw arrives, worried about his daughter and the powers she manifested. April’s emotions strengthen the link to the Shadow King, who attempts to take control of the girl’s body. As April fights Corakinus’ influence, the Shadow King becomes enraged with Kharrus, declaring that her efforts to save his heart have made matters worse. April attacks her father with her scimitars, cutting his arm, before readying for the kill. As Ram arrives and tries to talk April down, the Shadow King slays Kharrus – his actions are mirrored by April, but she manages to stop herself from killing her father. Instead, April channels her Shadow force into her mother, mending her crippled legs. April’s knows her actions will have enabled Corakinus to finally locate her – he will be coming to kill her and everyone on Earth. But this also means that April knows where the king is: she uses her scimitars to open a rift to the Shadow Realm, and goes after Corakinus. Ram just manages to leap through after April, before the tear closes…

Katherine Kelly (Miss Quill), Greg Austin (Charlie Smith), Fady Elsayed (Ram Singh), Sophie Hopkins (April MacClean), Vivian Oparah (Tanya Adeola), Jordan Renzo (Matteusz), Pooky Quesnel (Dorothea Ames), Paul Marc Davis (Corakinus), Kelly Gough (Rannus / Kharrus), Aaron Neil (Varun Singh), Shannon Murray (Jackie MacClean), Con O’Neil (Huw MacClean), Poojah Shah (Miss Shah), Moses Adejimi (Student 1), Ellie James (Student 2), Neil McCaul (Voice of Rannus)

Directed by Philippa Langdale
Produced by Derek Ritchie
Executive Producers Brian Minchin, Steven Moffat and Patrick Ness
A BBC Wales production

TX (BBC Three):
5th November 2016 @ 10.00

*Featuring Miss Quill, Charlie, April, Ram, Tanya and Matteusz

*This episode was later shown on BBC 1 on 30th January 2017 @ 10.45 pm