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Roxanne Barnes' extremely well-loved Clanger is dressed in sparkly silver sequins!

Here's Amanda's Clanger, adopting a heroic pose and poised for action!

These Clangers were made by Zanna Laws from Tasmania (where apparently they all live under dustbin lids and eat soup and blue string pudding!), for some of her friends' children. Also seen here is Caitlin, happily hugging her Clanger.

Ginny Matthew made this Tiny Clanger for her sister's Christmas present. Tiny enjoyed decorating the Xmas tree, wrapping presents and playing with her pals!

Philip Thompson's Clanger was knitted by his late mother Brenda a few years ago. He is seen here posing with a Clangers card - perhaps planning a a trip to see the Clangers' home planet?

Mary Morph has made this inventive Major Clanger, who has been busy with his machine!

Lesley Barton has sent in a picture of her Mother Clanger, whose bright colours match the interior decor!

Fiona McFarlane has sent in this happy Clanger, made for her husband Stephen's 66th birthday by her sister Jean. Just look at those 'Jazz Hands'!

Mary Gordon made this clever Clanger for a magician named Adrian Fleet, seen here pulling a rabbit out of his hat! (Now that's magic!) She also made a Mother Clanger to keep an eye on him!

Joolz Mulcahy's Clanger, Jake, is seen here checking out the garden's tomato plants and flowers, and discovering his very own Soup Dragon!
Jane Saunders from Sheffield, South Yorkshire was knitted this Clanger, Dropta, by her mother Sheila Walker. Dropta Clanger is very 21st century and a pleasure to have as a house friend, and is shown here enjoying a certain reality TV programme on BBC iPlayer!

Helen Monaghan made this Tiny Clanger for her almost-four-year old Ella, who has become hooked on the show after seeing it on CBeebies. Helen is now working on a Small Clanger, and whistling while she knits!

Erna Buber-deVilliers from Vereeniging, South Africa, made this curious Clanger for her grandson Luke. He wanted one after seeing the Clangers' new adventures on CBeebies!

Here are two Clangers made by Susan Drake; they look to be exploring the floor of her living room!

Marge's globe-trotting Clanger has been made using the Radio Times pattern. If anyone else wants to have a go using that pattern, then send in your pictures for my Clangers Gallery too!

Here are two Welsh Clangers made by Liz Lewis, who are patiently waiting to go to Ella in Cornwall!

Alison Atterbury's blue-clad Clanger is busy checking the time. Maybe it's so he doesn't miss any of the new episodes of 'The Clangers'..?

Ruth Weedon's Clanger is something of a globe-trotter: here he is in Paris, and then on Ipanema Beach, Rio, where he also took in a rock concert! He did Mumbai in February, but looked a bit jet-lagged. Undaunted, his travels continue!

Jane Rankine's Clanger is sporting a lovely blue jumper, and enjoying the Spring sunshine!

Nigel Little is now a committed Clanger knitter. He is currently on his fourth! His wife Pam even made the multicoloured Clanger a bespoke metal outfit from recycled tomato puree tubes!

Megan Heaton made a Clanger for her Dad as an early Xmas present - and he loves it!

Jo Spriggs' Clanger is enjoying some time in the garden!

Leandra Cole is continuing to have fun making a clan of Clangers: following close upon the heels of Miss Harriet Clanger (see below) is the dashing Master George Sigurd Clanger, valiantly defending England against malicious Soup Dragons! Of course, Miss Harriet Clanger finds him quite a dashing knight!

Andrea Arnold made this Clanger for her son because he said 'The Clangers' was the best children's programme ever made. Quite right!"

Leandra Cole has made the lovely Miss Harriet Clanger. In the first photo Harriet is asking "Where have all the weeds come from?", and in the second "Hey dude, I can see colours!"

Marcus Taylor's Clanger was made for him by his friend Tracy. Check out a montage of his adventures here

Jan Ken's cool blue Clanger is named Cyle; here he is at the UK Mega Event 2014 Clangers Flash Mob!

Toby Willis's first Clanger is a funky-coloured fellow!

Sheila Cummings has sent in this picture of two hungry Clangers, made by Cicely March for her grandchildren Josie and James. It looks like they are looking for the Soup Dragon!

Val Dennis makes Clangers with customised outfits to raise funds for her local Macmillan Unit; since Christmas 2012 she has made 83 and raised just over 1,700! You can find out more here

Alice Whitfield and her Clanger would like to wish you and everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Elaine ann Zeidler in Copenhagen made this scarf-wearing Clanger for her Clanger-crazy colleague Trevor, who is moving to Houston, Texas. Hope they give Green Cards to Clangers!

Dorothy made this Clanger for her daughter Zara's Xmas present (I think he's been at the crisps!)

Brenda's Clanger is planning a trip to Earth...

Tym's Clanger is wishing he was in the Clangers Gallery - and now he is!

Trisha made this happy Clanger for her husband Bob!

Mairi Ferris has made some lovely sparkly armour for her Clanger,
who is happily showing it off for all to see!

This Psycho Clanger made by Jennifer and Tim Simpson is a hippy on his way to San Francisco,
who they hope will be sold in support of Cancer Research

Dena Outam's splendid Tiny Clanger is strutting her stuff dancing on the sofa!

Jennifer Simpson's Clanger is not only wearing his suit, but also has a fancy dress Christmas Tree costume! (The Christmas theme is in support of Cancer Research Yorkshire Cancer Research competion which takes place at the end of November 2012 in the Harrogate Conference Centre.
For more information visit here and go to go to 'Latest Blog Posts')

Sue Summers made this cap-wearing Clanger for her daughter Robyn's 19th birthday!

Georgia Crawley's Clanger is chilling out on a comfy-looking duvet!

Claire Stone made this splendid Clanger as a birthday present for her brother-in-law, Dave!

Tricia Fraser has made another Clanger for her friend Addy, who drives HGV lorries: Clanger Minor is now truckin' round Britain and thoroughly enjoying his adventures!

Vicky Young's Small Clanger is wearing a ceremonial horse brass, given to him by his good friends the Sky Mooses!

To make this natty Clanger, Tricia Fraser of the 'Mid Herts Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers' blended red and white merino tops to spin her own yarn!

Lynn Murrell made this colourful Clanger for her daughter Rosemary's 25th birthday present
- as you can see, he's dressed up to go out and party!

Amanda Williams made this beautiful Tiny Clanger for her four-year old daughter, Hannah, who barely put it down long enough for her mum to take the photo!

Julie Kilborn made this naked naturist Clanger for her three-year old grand-daughter Abigail, who is captivated by the Clangers after seeing them on a very old video tape. They now go everywhere together!

Steph Johnston may be new to knitting, but her Clanger is terrific!

Suzanna Cassidy make this lovely Clanger for her little girl, Lucy, and her grandma to play with while they watch the Clangers on video!

Helen Barber has made a splendid Granny Clanger!

Gail Sharratt made this Clanger for her sister; he's a splendid upstanding fellow!

Alison Worrall made this Clanger for her work colleagues; they like to sit it on the floor like a sentry and whistle at unsuspecting passers by!

Paula has made this superb Major Clanger for her son's tenth birthday, and has even added a wire skeleton for posability!

Donna's Clanger has got big eyes and cool purple armour, and even has its own Facebook page: "Donna's Clanger"!

Tessa Fiddes' Clanger is reading its Christmas card and wishing all Clanger fans a Merry Christmas!

Elanor's fantastic Clanger cake, baked by her father, Harvey

Although new to knitting, Becca Snowden has made this brightly coloured Clanger for her friend Kim!

Annetta Woffinden's Tiny Clanger loves flowers and butterflies! Not sure Tiny's mother would approve of her punk-rocker boyfriend though...

Gill's Clanger looks like a Scottish Highlander!

Natalie Rowe has made a superb Clanger for her friend Sarah:
Natalie's moggie isn't sure what to make of her Clanger! "Alas, poor Froglet - I knew him, Horatio..."

Jodie Hudson, from Peterborough, Canada, has made a Tiny Clanger for her son, Ryan. (There are some more pictures of her here

Here's Sarah Cooper's Mother Clanger, doing a spot of gardening by the looks of things!
You can follow how Sarah made her new friend in her blog here

Helen knitted this Clanger for her best friend Kat; he's wearing a natty little number that I'm sure will take fashion on the Clanger's planet by storm!

Charlotte Pearson's Clanger is about to enjoy a tasty Cup-a-Soup (Blue String flavour perhaps..?)

Heather Coleman's Clanger clan have just discovered the delicious delights of the humble Cornish Pastie!
(You can find out more here)

Jo Ransom made this brilliant Clanger cake for her husband Nigel's 40th Birthday!

Here's Maureen Heddle's Clanger, which she made for her friend's baby. Maureen can pretty much guarantee that it's the only Clanger to have been knitted on an offshore oil platform in the middle of the North Sea!

Beccy has sent in a picture of her husband Jeremy,
seen here posing with his own hand-made Clanger
Anne Hutchby's marvellous Clanger, seen here in her office

Seen here posing by a monitor is a great Clanger made by Paula for her sister Lisa

A splendid joint effort: Richard Webster's mum Karen made this Clanger, while Richard himself created the little creature's clothes!

A superb diaroma of Linda Langstone's four Clangers, made for workmates Rach, Sarah and Anna, and her five-year-old niece, Faye

Here's Louis excellent Clanger, doing a spot of cool posing and then having a much deserved sit-down!

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