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The Champions are Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett, three agents of the international security organisation Nemesis. While on a top-secret mission their plane is shot down over the Himalayas, and although Craig, Sharron and Richard survive the crash they quickly succumb to the freezing cold. When they later regain consciousness, the trio are amazed to find their wounds healed, and that they now posses great physical and mental skills, and share a telepathic link with each other. Realising that a mysterious race of beings is responsible for their rescue and for their powers, the three agents decide that they must keep the existence of their new abilities a secret, but also use them to uphold law and order.

The series was developed and produced by Monty Berman, who wanted to make an action adventure series with an international flavour; indeed, the stories are set all over the globe (although each country portrayed did look rather similar to the home counties of England!), with plots featuring espionage, gun-running, drug-smuggling and the obligatory megalomaniac intent on world-domination. One of the high points of the show is the interaction between the main characters, expertly played by Stuart Damon, William Gaunt, and Alexandra Bastedo, whose super-powers are used to enhance the action, rather than revolve around it.

Despite only lasting thirty episodes, ‘The Champions' is still looked on as a cult telefantasy classic, and still proves as entertaining now as it did when first shown back in the Sixties.

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