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“In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.”

Sunnydale is your average American town.

Well, apart from the Hellmouth that resides underneath it, that is.

This portal to the underworld attracts vampires, demons and other unnatural creatures from all corners of this world - and a few others - causing the town to become a breeding ground for evil. When young Buffy Summers and her mother move there, Buffy finds she cannot escape her role as the Slayer - it is her destiny to destroy the forces of darkness.

Buffy soon meets the school librarian, Rupert Giles, who is in reality her Watcher. Under his guidance Buffy battles the Master, a powerful vampire imprisoned under the town, his minions, as well as other supernatural creatures such as witches, zombies, demons, and of course, vampires.

The Slayer is meant to fight alone, with only her Watcher to guide her, but Buffy is unique in that she also has her ‘Scooby Gang’ of friends to help: there’s Xander, a nervous teenager who later develops into a strong, confident man; and Willow, a nerdy bookworm who eventually blossoms into a powerful witch. Then there is the dark and brooding Angel, a handsome vampire with a soul, who is on the side of good, and with whom Buffy falls hopelessly in love.

Although at first Giles despairs of Buffy’s youthfulness and the fact that her identity as the Slayer is known by a few others, but he soon realises that this Slayer is unique; he gradually mellows, loosening up from his British stiff-upper-lip-ness, to become a caring, avuncular figure.

Although the title is fairly self-explanatory, the show’s writers quickly move away from Buffy only having to face vampires, and in the first season alone she faces a witch, students possessed by hyena spirits, a demon in the Internet, and a giant preying mantis posing as a teacher. Buffy herself struggles with her secret identity as the Slayer, and strives to keep a balance between it and her ‘normal’ life, especially when she decides to attend the local University. As Buffy grows up, so does the series, and she has to face more adult situations and relationships: she and her friends are aided by the bitchy Cordelia, who becomes a reluctant member of the Scooby gang; Willow finds love, first with Oz, a werewolf, and then with Tara, another young witch; Xander dates Cordelia, and then finds love in the form of an ex-demon; the vicious Spike and Drusilla come to the town and make Buffy’s life a nightmare in more ways than one; the town’s mayor attempts to become a supreme power; two new Slayers arrive; Giles is replaced by another Watcher; a military group charged with capturing demons for their own ends sets up base beneath the town; Buffy loses Angel, falls in love again, faces a god, sees her mother become ill, gains a sister, and even dies a couple of times!

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has spawned a series of novels, comic books, and an eponymously-named spin-off series featuring the adventures of Angel, Cordelia and ex-Watcher Wesley. Despite a change of television station sponsor, and a rather disppointing and depressingly bleak sixth season, the show continued to deliver the exiting storylines, wry humour, and action-packed episodes that it was reknowned for. Although 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ended on television with its seventh series, an official, eighth season was released in 2010 as a series of comics published by Dark Horse comics; a ninth season followed, and we are currently in season 10! It seems that there's still life (and death) in Buffy Summers yet!

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