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It's been five years since Ben last used the Omnitrix. But when Grandpa Max disappears, Ben must go hero once again. Now it's up to Ben, Gwen and Kevin to find new half-alien allies and stop a secret Highbreed invasion...

Five years ago, young Ben Tennyson came into possession of the Omnitrix, an amazing alien device that allowed him to transform into a variety of powerful extraterrestrial creatures. Now, at the age of fifteen, Ben finds himself forced to don the Omnitrix once again, after his Grandpa Max mysteriously disappears while investigating a new threat to the planet. Together with his cousin, Gwen, and his reformed former enemy, Kevin Levin, Ben sets off on a rescue mission; he and his friends soon discover that Earth is under attack from the Highbreed, a race of alien zealots whose belief that they are the purest of all species has set them on an unrelenting campaign to cleanse the galaxy of all impure lower life forms. The Highbreed are aided by their DNAlien servants – human-alien hybrids able to disguise themselves as humans using special identity masks – and the Forever Knights, a secret order of arms dealers who are old enemies of the Tennysons. Unless Ben, Gwen and Kevin can save Max and find a way to stop the invaders all life on Earth will be destroyed – but even if they do find a way to defeat the Highbreed, not all of our heroes may survive their mission…

‘Ben 10: Alien Force’ is another creation of "Man of Action" (otherwise known as Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle), and ably follows on from the phenomenal success of its parent show, ‘Ben 10’. This time round we find a much more mature Ben, with access to a whole new set of alien heroes thanks to a recalibrated Omnitrix; Gwen is more proficient with her powers, now able to directly manipulate energy rather than using the magic spells she obtained from Charmcaster; and Kevin has escaped from his Null Void prison, reformed his psychotic sociopath tendencies and become a good guy with the ability to absorb the properties of any solid matter he touches.

Proving to be as good as – if not better – than its original parent show, ‘Ben 10: Alien Force’ ran for three, highly-entertaining seasons and a live action movie, ‘Ben 10: Alien Swarm’. It was then followed by two other series, ‘Ben 10: Ultimate Alien’ and ‘Ben 10: Omniverse’.

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