Battlestar Galactica Logo 'The Young Lords'
(Story Code '50905')

by Donald P. Bellisario,
Frank Lupo
and Paul Playton
Battlestar Galactica Cast

Once again Starbuck crashes his Viper; this time he makes a violent landing on the planet Trillion, a world where the Cylons have wiped out all of the human population except for a band of children. The father of these young warriors has been taken prisoner by the Cylons, but the girls and boys now see a way to make an exchange for his life – using Starbuck…

Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo), Dirk Benedict (Lieutenant Starbuck), Lorne Greene (Commander Adama), Terry Carter (Colonel Tigh), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Lieutenant Boomer), Tony Swartz (Flight Sergeant Jolly), Anne Lockhart (Sheba), Maren Jensen (Athena), Laurette Spang (Cassiopeia), Noah Hathaway (Boxey), John Colicos (Baltar), Dick Durock (Imperious Leader), Patrick Macnee (Imperious Leader [Voice]), Felix Silla (Lucifer), Johnathan Harris (Lucifer [Voice]), Evie the Chimp (Muffet the Daggit), Charles Bloom (Kyle), Bruce Glover (Megan), Audrey Landers (Miri), Adam Man (Nilz), Brigitte Muller (Ariadne), Jonathan B. Woodward (Robus), Adam Mann (Nilz), Jonathan Harris (Voice of Spectre)

Directed by Donald P. Bellisario
Supervising Producer Donald P. Bellisario
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US): 19th November 1978

*Featuring Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Apollo, Lieutenant Starbuck and Lieutenant Boomer