Galactica 1980 Logo 'The Super Scouts'
(Part 2)

by Glen A. Larson
Galactica 1980 Cast

The children from the Colonial fleet have been poisoned by contaminated water, and their condition become steadily worse. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Troy and Lieutenant Dillon set out to try to stop the nearby chemical company from polluting the town's water supply…

Lorne Green (Commander Adama), Kent McCord (Lieutenant Troy), Barry van Dyke (Lieutenant Dillon), Robyn Douglass (Jaime Hamilton), Patrick Stuart (Doctor Zee), John Quade (Sheriff Elsworth), Lindsay Kennedy (Super Scout), Michael Swan (Collins), Allan Miller (Sydell)

Directed by Vince Edwards
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US): 23rd February 1980

*Featuring Commander Adama, Lieutenant Troy, Lieutenant Dillon, Jaime Hamilton and Doctor Zee