Galactica 1980 Logo 'Spaceball'

by Glen A. Larson
and Jeff Freilich
Galactica 1980 Cast

Renegade scientist Xavier sends Lieutenant Troy and Lieutenant Dillon on a fake mission, supposedly to prevent him from altering Earth's history. With the two Colonials out of the way, Xavier then attempts to kidnap the fleet’s children, planning to hold them to ransom. He tracks them down to a baseball camp for underprivileged children, and then prepares to take them hostage…

Lorne Green (Commander Adama), Kent McCord (Lieutenant Troy), Barry van Dyke (Lieutenant Dillon), Robyn Douglass (Jaime Hamilton), Patrick Stuart (Doctor Zee), Jeremy Brett (Xavier / Lieutenant Nash), Paul Koslo (Billy Ayers), Bert Rosario (Hal), Allan Miller (Sydell), Fred Holliday (Brooks)

Directed by Barry Crane
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US): 30th February 1980

*Featuring Commander Adama, Lieutenant Troy, Lieutenant Dillon, Jaime Hamilton and Doctor Zee