Galactica 1980 Logo 'The Night the Cylons Landed'
(Part 2)

by Glen A. Larson
Galactica 1980 Cast

Lieutenant Troy and Lieutenant Dillon track the humanoid Cylon Andromus to a radio station in New York. Here they learn that he is planning to use the equipment to broadcast a signal to the Cylon fleet but can troy and Dillon reach Andromus in time to prevent him from revealing the location of Earth..?

Lorne Green (Commander Adama), Kent McCord (Lieutenant Troy), Barry van Dyke (Lieutenant Dillon), Robyn Douglass (Jaime Hamilton), Patrick Stuart (Doctor Zee), Wolfman Jack (Himself), William Daniels (Norman), Lara Parker (Shirley), Peter Mark Richman (Colonel Briggs), Roger Davis (Andromus), Ken Lynch (Grover), Rex Cutter (Centuri), Arthur Batanides (Cabbie), John Finnegan (Officer in Trauma Room), Herb Vigram (Pop), John Widlock (Chuck), Dan Ferrone (Police Sergeant), Alexander Petala (First Tough), Cosie Costa (Second Tough), Tony Miratti (Third Tough), Louis Sardo (4th Tough), Paul Tuerpe (Fireman), Chip Lucia (M.C.)

Directed by Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US): 20th April 1980

*Featuring Commander Adama, Lieutenant Troy, Lieutenant Dillon, Jaime Hamilton and Doctor Zee