Galactica 1980 Logo 'Galactica Discovers Earth'
(Part 2)

by Glen A. Larson
Galactica 1980 Cast

Lieutenant Troy and Lieutenant Dillon make contact with Professor Morrison, a scientist who may help them to advance Earth’s technology to a level capable of fighting off the Cylon menace. Meanwhile, aboard the Galactica, a renegade scientist named Xavier uses a time travel device to reach Earth during World War II, where he aims to alter history by supplying Nazi Germany with Colonial Technology…

Lorne Green (Commander Adama), Kent McCord (Lieutenant Troy), Barry van Dyke (Lieutenant Dillon), Robyn Douglass (Jaime Hamilton), Robbie Rist (Doctor Zee), Albert Paulsen (Unknown), Louis Turenne (Unknown), Michael Strong (Unknown), Ted Gehring (Sheriff), Curt Lowens (Gen. Wilhlem Yodel), James R. Parks (Walt Griffin), Bruce Wright (Aide), Adam Starr (Willy Griffin), Missy Francis (Little Girl), Todd Martin (Third German), John Zenda (Cop), Erik Holland (Second German Officer), Eric Forst (First German Officer), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Colonel Boomer ), Richard Lynch (Xavier), Robert Reed (Mortinson), Christopher Stone (Stockwell)

Directed by Sidney Hayers
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US): 3rd February 1980

*Featuring Commander Adama, Lieutenant Troy, Lieutenant Dillon, Jaime Hamilton and Doctor Zee