Battlestar Galactica Logo 'Fire in Space'
(Story Code '50917')

by Jim Carlson
and Terrence McDonnell
Battlestar Galactica Cast

When the Cylons mount a suicide raid on the Galactica, one of their ships successfully crashes into the Battlestar’s launch bay. A massive fire breaks out, and quickly begins to consume the vessel. While Commander Adama lies injured, Boomer, Athena, and Boxey become trapped between walls of flame. As the ship burns, the only way to extinguish the blaze involves a dangerous spacewalk by Apollo and Starbuck…

Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo), Dirk Benedict (Lieutenant Starbuck), Lorne Greene (Commander Adama), Terry Carter (Colonel Tigh), Herbert Jefferson Jr. (Lieutenant Boomer), Tony Swartz (Flight Sergeant Jolly), Anne Lockhart (Sheba), Maren Jensen (Athena), Laurette Spang (Cassiopeia), Noah Hathaway (Boxey), John Colicos (Baltar), Dick Durock (Imperious Leader), Patrick Macnee (Imperious Leader [Voice]), Felix Silla (Lucifer), Johnathan Harris (Lucifer [Voice]), Evie the Chimp (Muffet the Daggit), Jeff McKay (Fire Engineer), Jeff Mackay (Fireman), William Bryant (Fire Leader)

Directed by Christian I. Nyby II
Produced by David O’Connell
Supervising Producer Donald P. Bellisario
Executive Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (US): 17th December 1978

*Featuring Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Apollo, Lieutenant Starbuck and Lieutenant Boomer