Battlestar Galactica Logo 'Act of Contrition'

Story Code: '104'
by Bradley Thompson
and David Weddle
Battlestar Galactica Cast

After one of the Raptor pilots makes his one-thousandth landing, his squadron celebrate with some harmless horseplay on the flight-deck. But their festivities end in tragedy when a combination of old equipment and metal fatigue causes a missile to work loose from its racks, sending it rocketing into the party of pilots, killing them instantly. Attending the memorial service held aboard the Galactica, Starbuck finds herself reminded of her lover, Zak, who was killed during a Cylon attack. Starbuck holds herself responsible for Zak’s death, as it was she who passed him through his flight exam, despite the fact that he failed to make the grade. Concerned over the diminishing number of trained combat pilots, Commander Adama assigns Starbuck to begin immediate training of a new squadron. However, Starbuck’s guilt impairs her judgement, causing her to lose her patience with her team of rookies; when Adama then demands to know the reason for her behaviour, Starbuck is forced to reveal the truth about Adama’s son, Zak… Elsewhere, President Roslin receives some medical advice concerning her cancer, while on Caprica, Helo and Boomer explore the deserted city, and find some much-needed medical supplies. Back on the Galactica, Starbuck takes her team of inexperienced pilots out for flight training – only to run straight into a squadron of Cylon fighters. It’s an encounter that may prove to be Starbuck’s last mission…

Edward James Olmos (Commander William Adama), Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Lieutenant Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace), Jamie Bamber (Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama), James Callis (Doctor Gaius Baltar), Tricia Helfer (Number 6), Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben Conoy), Grace Park (Lieutenant J.G. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii), Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Chief Petty Officer Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Lieutenant Karl 'Helo' Agathon), Kandyse McClure (Petty Officer 2nd Dualla), Paul Campbell (Billy Keikeya), Alessandro Juliani (Lieutenant Gaeta), Sam Witwer (Crashdown), Lorena Gale (Priest Elosha), Donnelly Rhodes (Doctor Cottle), Jill Teed (Sergeant Hadrian), Tobias Mehler (Zak Adama), Colby Johannson (Ryan 'Flat Top' Cisco), Bill Weilen (Caprica Cleric), Booie Olmos (Constanza / Hot Dog), Luciana Curio (Katraine / Kat), Terry Chen (Perry / Chuckles)

Directed by Rod Hardy
Produced by Harvey Frand
Co-Executive Producer Toni Graphia
Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick
Consulting Producer Glen A. Larson

TX (UK - Sky One):
8th November 2004 @ 8.00 pm

*Featuring Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh, Captain Apollo, Lieutenant Starbuck, Lieutenant Boomer and Laura Roslin