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Angel is a vampire with a difference: he has a soul.

And after causing murder and mayhem for over a hundred and fifty years, that soul has a lot of sin to atone for.

After the very beautiful and very deadly Darla transforms Angel into a vampire, over two hundred and fifty years ago in Ireland, the two of them become part of an unstoppable group of vampires that cuts a bloody swathe of carnage across Europe. But this reign of terror is brought to an abrupt end when, after killing a member of a community of gypsies, Angelus is cursed – a spell causes him to regain his soul, and he is doomed to spend his years feeling remorse for all the crimes he committed.

Eventually his wandering takes him to Sunnydale, where he meets a certain young Slayer by the name of Buffy Summers. Things then take their natural course: the two of them fall in love; Angel reverts to his evil self, and goes on a killing spree; Angel regains his soul; Buffy kills him; Angel returns from hell; they break up; and Angel subsequently leaves for Los Angeles.

Here he runs into Cordelia Chase, an ex-member of Buffy’s ‘Scooby-Gang’, who has come to Los Angeles to find her fame and fortune as an actress, despite the fact that she cannot act. They are joined by Doyle – a half-human half-Brachian demon who is ‘blessed’ with visions of those in need, and who is sent by the mystical ‘Powers That Be’ to aid Angel in his new task of saving those that need aid - for in return, Angel will be restored to human form. Setting up a detective agency called Angel Investigations, the trio help people with some very unusual problems, involving demons, vampires, ghosts and anything else spawned from the pits of hell. Angel also finds himself up against a particularly powerful adversary in the form of Wolfram and Hart, an influential law firm that are determined to use Angel for their own evil plans.

As the series progresses, Angel, Cordelia and Doyle are joined by Wesley-Wyndham Pryce, Buffy’s second Watcher; Gunn, a streetwise vampire killer; a librarian named Fred; and Lorne, owner of a local demon-friendly bar. These unlikely heroes find themselves faced with some extremely unusual cases, go dimension hopping, and even have to sing karaoke…

A spin-off from the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', ‘Angel’ was initially to have been a simple ‘monster-of –the-week’ show, with a few crossover stories with ‘Buffy'; however, after finding its feet in its second season, the series came out of the shadow of ‘Buffy’ and introduced strong plotlines, shocking revelations and extraordinary situations. Sadly, the show was cancelled at the end of season five; however, everyone’s favourite vampire is still continuing his adventures in a series of stories based on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', currently being published by Dark Horse Comics.

Note: The shorter episode synopses featured are taken from the original Warner Bros. publicity releases, whereas the longer, more detailed ones (which are steadily replacing them!) have been written by Marnie Banks (a.k.a.the Missus).

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