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‘Space:1999’ charts the universe-spanning adventures of the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, after a series of massive nuclear explosions blasts the Moon out of Earth’s orbit and sends it hurtling off into unknown space. Along the way the Alphans encounter weird and wonderful alien races, hideous monsters, time warps, alternate dimensions and strange space phenomenon.

They are lead by Commander John Koenig, a brave and dedicated man who sees it as his responsibility to get his crew safely back to Earth. Assisting him in this difficult task are Professor Victor Bergman, whose scientific prowess provides Alpha with enough technical expertise to survive its hazardous journey; the attractive Doctor Helena Russell, in charge of Alpha’s Medical Centre; Alan Carter, pilot of the base’s Eagle spaceships; and Paul Morrow, in charge of Alpha’s Command Centre.

‘Space:1999’ developed out of Gerry Anderson’s previous live action show ‘UFO’; it was originally planned that stories in the second season of this series would focus more on the S.H.A.D.O. moonbase, but the revised format soon developed into a completely new show, and so ‘Space:1999’ was born. The first season was quite serious in its mood, but was crammed with action and adventure, with some particularly innovative and exciting stories, and featuring good, well-rounded characterisation. The show proved very popular with audiences, and a second series was commissioned.

However, American Fred Frieberger then took over the role of producer, and the show suffered; Frieberger had produced ‘Star Trek’, and wanted to make the series more Americanised; the stories became less cerebral and more action-packed, usually featuring a ‘monster-of-the-week’, while the look of the show turned into one of garish costumes and gaudy colours, accompanied by more contemporary disco music. Several characters were dropped, including the wonderful Professor Bergman, and in their place were introduced brand new characters such as Maya, a beautiful alien shape-changer from the planet Psychon, and Tony Verdeschi, a tough Italian who was Koenig’s right-hand man. The stories were still enjoyable, but one couldn’t help but wish they had followed the style of the previous season.

Despite looking a little dated, the show still holds up today, and remains an excellent example of classic 1970s science fiction television.

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